It’s midnight on the 29th of October literally 20 days since attending the World Famous Formula DRIFT Final aka the “Final Fight” burning the midnight oil is what they call it, but to be honest all the days in between I’ve been working at and about five different events, finishing this website’s final touches, and just about everything you can think of. October has been the busiest month by far for me this year, and we are days away from SEMA (which I’m not going) and the “World Cup Finals” that I decided to attend and sacrifice 5 days in Vegas for.

By now you should already know who won Round 7 and who took the Championship home. With high expectations for me to see Fredric Aasbo finally win a championship, I mean, who didn’t want to see a 4-cylinder turbo car slay its way up the ladder and finally bring back hope for the smaller engines. Well, it wasn’t so and the whole story played it down to the final battles, with the 2014 Champion Chris Forsberg working his ass off throughout the season it was his year and it couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Daigo Saito’s killer skills who repeated his win at Irwindale from last year, and lastly Vaughn Gittin Jr’s defeat against Forsberg himself.

As each season passes Formula D has been innovating the game since day one, this season without a doubt was one of the Best in my book, not because of certain rules and changes like the divider on the starting line but because this non-stop climbing sport called drifting keeps growing and growing. The crowds have gotten more diverse, or I just never noticed it, but the fans are even more die hard. Whatever the case, it’s working and being part of it since 2007 makes me think how far we’ve gotten of course I wasn’t even shooting FD at the time, but the reality is I started professionally shooting Drag Racing, and Time Attack before Drifting and any other Motorsport, but it was Drifting that was really appealing to me then, why because at the time it was the most interesting racing I have seen since the Battle of the Import Days. After several years of being a spectator and shooting courageously in the stands I made some moves and was honored to shoot for Formula D at this very same location in 2011. From that point on, my photography became more than I expected and what started as a hobby has become a brand.

Will Formula D ever hit a plateau? Nahh I don’t think so, with the fan base and spectator interaction this GIANT is just going to keep going and going. I hope this Gallery brings you some urges to attend, and if you haven’t been to one yet I would save the dates in our calendar section and make plans to go in 2015. Enjoy! – Rommel Estrada #fdirw #motolyric #driftstuff