In the enthusiast world of motoring there are several pinnacle series of racing we all follow or look up to as the cream of the crop. For me, it’s always has been Formula One and the GT Cars all over the World. Particularly the 24 Heures du Mans overseas, the cars look so interesting that you start to pick at it from the roof to the wheels, to even the bolts holding down the seat. From the manufacturer to the personnel everything involved has a reason. Totally functional in all ways more than one, but also very stylish as form does follow from it. But it’s the cars overall result that do the talking and make the statement with what they represent.

Here in the US the closest thing we have to that same persona is the IMSA/TUDOR United Sports Car Championship a merger of the American Le Mans Series and Rolex Sports Car Series. Since 2014 the Class structure has remained Prototype, Prototype Challenge, GT Le Mans (my favorite) and GT Daytona. Running a series from all over the US they make a stop in the Streets of Long Beach on their 4th Round after coming from the infamous 12 Hours of Sebring.

The Pits that adorn the crew and machinery is absolutely phenomenal. If you have ever played Gran Turismo (which most gear-heads have) you’ll feel right in the game as the Race Cars resemble or match the same ones in real life. On the track these cars scream the engines of our people, unlike some series, including Formula 1 where the sounds have either deadened or disappeared. The Tudor Championship keeps it how it is, closely resembling it’s legal road car copy. You’ll see the popping flames from some of the cars, and the screeching brakes on the turns. The cars totally mean business, but if it was you and me, I wouldn’t know how to remove the smile on my face if I had an opportunity to drive one. Lol.

This time around I wanted to capture the cars in a different manner than the standard journalism style. I didn’t go all out and shot every car at the same turn or center focus on one car only. But I was able to give them Life in these photos and give you a sense of experience as if you were right there with me behind the K-rails. – Rommel Estrada #tgplb #tudorchampionship #highlineautos #motolyric #trackhookers