Finally! It’s been a long time coming and after almost a year and counting we are good with what we are doing now. Although we still are working on the new shopping cart and store we have many other stuff to tune, but the base is good and we can’t wait to be full-blown soon. So take a look, click and feel free to ask any questions or leave comments, as we all know just like a freshly built motor, nothing is 100% perfect without small issues. The site is simple to navigate throughout and very user-friendly, as the old site was aged and didn’t have a future. So we wanted to start fresh and offer something to interact with all the fans even more. Most of the changes you’ll notice are to give you a place to search and seek info in the Motorsports Industry like our “Network” section which will be a directory of shops, tuners, media and much more that are solid contacts for your needs. Now we won’t flood the gates of every single store out there, but we will be selective and share those who exemplify quality work, and outstanding customer service. If you or your company makes great products, we want the world to know, so the “Network” will make it that much interactive and help you connect with those that are looking for your products. Also you will notice our popular “Calendar” is much more improved with days and hours counting down to the event date, and since we are located in So-Cal we will be posting events here and several around the world for now, but intend to post most if not all Drag, Time Attack, or Drift events from all over.

So please take a look around and enojoy, we hope to hear from all of you. Again Thank you, we are nothing without you all.  #motolyric