With the growth in Time Attack, the other parts of the motoring world has responded. Leading premier company Global Time Attack teamed up again with Motor Mavens/86 Fest to create the first ever Motor Massive. Car Show checked, Vendor Row checked, Auto-X checked, and Time Attack Hell yeah! The chosen facility was none other than Auto Club Speedway in Fontucky (Fontana) California. Home to many races, and events, this one surely didn’t disappoint as it filled up that fast with people and cars from the parking lots to the garage pits. This year we didn’t do a booth, since time and proper product I would have wouldn’t be available on time. But we did manage to make 60 86 Fest x Motolyric Shirts just in time to be sold at the Motor Massive Booths. To our luck all 60 were gone in 6 hours. But that’s another story for another day. 

Global Time Attack has done it again. With record attendance and showcasing new comers from all over, the several mentioned are just the start of more to come again and again. Starting with what seemed to be the star of the entire event, was a Nissan Skyline R34 that looked like it got picked off from the Tsukuba Circuit and dropped off here in the US. When this thing came off the trailer, it was eyed on by every single soul. From Show goers to track heads, this thing didn’t need an intro, it just looked that badass. I’m surprised he was able to pry it out of the garage, since there wasn’t a second that someone or a group of people was all over it. Owned and piloted by neighboring resident Kyle Padelford, he was able to place 3rd in the Limited AWD Class with a 1:18.725. Another eye opener was a Honda S2000 in the ever popular Battleship looking grey that had a Design Craft Fabrication sticker on it. Now if you don’t know Design Craft, you must have heard the name Gary Castillo, that’s the guy with to long of a list of accolades and firsts in the Motoring Industry for us to post here. But he brought out his clean grass-eating time attack S2000 to Limited RWD, and managed a 01:22.832. In the same Limited RWD Class, a true Hoonigan Vincent Anatra brought out his BMW E46 M3 which was flying through the course, and landed 3rd with a 01:18.253. Also in some what of a relation to the Hoonigan name, Susie Valdivia who was recently part of the #hooniganswanted driver search, came down from the north with her Honda Civic EG and placed 3rd in Limited FWD with a 01:22.515. Then there was the newest car on the entire entry list, Nicolas Zambrano of Ososik Media who brought out his 2018 Honda Civic Si. Slighty already modded, this was Nick’s first time back on a road course since his S2000 days many years ago. Very familiar with straight line performance, he decided to give Time Attack a chance for the latest offering from Honda. Although he didn’t podium he was only shy of it as he posted a 01:23.749 compared to a 01:23.107 by Jack Thomas/Efrain Flores in their Fiat 500 Turbo. After the excitement and fun he had, he is currently undergoing some changes already in brakes, and a clutch. So he definitely caught the Time Attack bug and is looking forward to competing again at the next Global Time Attack on October 14th.

Now who was the fastest of the day? Usually expected from anyone in the Unlimited Classes, not sure if this is a first, but not even from the Limited Classes. It was actually a Street Class car driven by none other then the “Record Breaker” Markos Mylonas! Yup Markos did it again, with his Snail Performance Subaru Impreza WRX, the car that was rat-finked styled on a Limited run Collab Shirt we did together. Straight from the trailer to the first session he flew through the timer with a 01:11.298 taking the Street AWD record and taking the fastest time of the day. That’s 2 Waypoint Watches by the way! Celebrating in good fashion Champagne, he’s gonna have to invest in a body condom suit now (like Roy Naravaez) for more podiums and record breaking numbers coming. Lol. -Rommel Estrada #globaltimeattackforever