VTEC Club USA Round 1 – What turned out to be a soft kick-off for us turned out to be a very entertaining track day to witness. Hence the name we expected the H and A’s crowding up the pits, but nope, we had a combination of Nissan’s, Miata’s and various odd cars like a some EVO’s, Mustang’s and the few but proud AE86’s all chasing the clock. The weather was perfect based on Rosamond’s unpredictable past, the track temps stayed consistent and the people kept pouring in throughout the day. One thing I did notice is the capacity of the spectators at this event, since this was my first VTEC Club event I didn’t think much about the volume. Could it be the VTEC followers? Or could it be that more and more people are getting involved with track days and time attack? Regardless, it was a great sight to see, from your basic EF’s to the Flagship NSX (there was only one) everyone was going faster and faster. The Streets of Willow aka SOW have always been a technical course and from my experience a blinding one when you don’t garner enough seat time. But should you think about tracking your car, definitely don’t fear what people say, track days like this one helps grow the grassroots community bigger and better. Matter of fact, if you’re not sure attend one of the events that www.extremespeedtrackevents.com holds and see for yourself why you should come, and if you want to get that drive out of you without breaking any laws, sign up and dance.

With 4 more rounds to go and the next one on February 22nd, we will look into trying to attend all of them. Special thanks to Duane Bada, Amir Bentatou, Will Wattanawongkiri and Mark Jager for always welcoming us at the track. Lastly a huge bow to the Racers out there sporting the Motolyric badges, stickers, frames, and the already Sold-Out Track Hookers Hoodie. We Love it and Thank you for the support. Enough of the talking, enjoy the album. – Rommel Estrada #vtecclubusa #trackdays #timeattack #grassroots #motolyric #trackhookers