Well the one and only ROAD ATLANTA. The famed track that’s been talked about every year, not just because of the cars, the track, or the people. But about the experience, if I could have one person come as a spectator, one a vendor, another one a competitor, and so forth. Every single one of them can write up a great story on their own and what they felt about this event. Never a duplicate and always a joy when I come off the plane, and get my rental to start my adventure.

This year we saw more cars, more people, and just more of everything. It’s not anything new, but let’s face it, the fans and people of Road Atlanta turn this place into a Super Bowl. They line up for Global Time Attack and Formula Drift every year, they fill the stands and always deliver. I got there Friday morning at 6am, and I was still in line, but early enough to start taking it in, getting familiar with the past years I’ve been going, and just enjoying my time. As I walk down the pits, I see drivers and their teams unpacking, getting the cars off the trailers, while others are already working on the cars. The sounds of power tools, and loud engines fill the air, finally, after hours and days, I feel at home again.

Now if you have never been to this track to shoot, I will advise you that the place is huge, unless you have a Golf Cart, getting from one end to the other is a challenge. Were talking about inclines and mother nature, to every single insect known to man, Road Atlanta is a jungle. Back in 2012 I walked this place, yeah, it was fun because it was my first time, but damn was it tiring. I walked miles and miles just to get a few shots. So if you don’t have a cart, friend up some other photographers and hitch a ride with those who have one.

The line-up on this round was interesting, last year there were a few from Canada, and the rest from all over the US. Team Canada had again William Au-Yeung from PZ Tuning, Chris Boersma, and James Houghton with his K-Tuned Integra Type-R. With some new guys from Canada I haven’t seen, Jose Mercado of Merc Racing and Alex Li of NV Auto/NEO Motorsport just to name a few. For Team USA we had the regulars like Tony Szirka, Cody Kishel, and Cole Powelson, with lots of others that came last year, and also new or back, I should say would be Sally McNulty, Markos Mylonas representing the very popular Snail Performance, and Ravi Tomerlin from the same state.

From my hometown, Mark Jager, and Roy Narvaez made their trek. Jager Racing and Yimisport had another iteration of their Lost Arts Liquids Subaru STI, showing some sexiness and aero mods that made me take 4 looks. Lol. Still insanely fast and reliable, these guys are all business and definitely one of the hardest working teams I see out there. On the other hand, Narvaez Racing didn’t bring the fleet, but instead he drove another STI in the Limited AWD Class.

But the talk of the weekend was the return of Mike Warfield and Jeff Westphal in their legendary Subaru Impreza Record Holder. A car that has records held at almost every track it has been too. A car mistaken easily for what it is, but strongly respected in the Time Attack community. Holding a 1:23.628 since 2012, the record almost went to Brian Faessler of Paul’s Automotive Engineering, and his extremely fast Mustang during the day, but Cole Powelson of Lyfe Motorsport takes that time and brings it down to a 1:21.258, which in the end it went back to GST Motorsports at a blistering 1:20.793!!

Although there is so much more to say and talk about, that it would take pages and pages of words to fill you in what happened. By now I’m sure you’ve seen the results on www.globaltimeattack.com and have seen some photos from our friends at mcvimagery.com so without taking anymore of your time. Enjoy the photos as they speak louder and longer than I’ll ever say…. -Rommel Estrada #timeattackforever #roadatlanta #globaltimeattack