The Hondata Experience. It came, it happened, and it was gone in a heart beat. Nestling down in the heart of Famoso Raceway, this New, and different experience was something unexpected, but so needed. In a world of Same Style Shows, and Fast Paced Racing events, Hondata decided to bring out something only they can do. Offering a place to be for Honda Lovers, and all things Honda related.

Now people know about the other ones, like the Eibach Meet, Honda Day in the East Coast, and various ones that have popped up through the years. But some have become over crowded, while others dwelled away, and became to good for the entry level spectator. Hondata is no stranger to the Honda/Acura Market, or it’s culture. They’ve been around since 1999 producing products for the H Brand and many others to it’s relation. Not just Honda Powered Cars, but Trucks, Rails, and even Boats. Their brain surgeon style innovative components have paved the way for anyone entering the performance market or just staying ahead of the competition. Either way they have really came to bloom this year with this new approach in events.

Not just a Car Show, but a place to race, and should you dare, a place for you to Dyno your Car. Check out the rest of the photos from this event on this page. Till next time 2020. -Rommel Estrada #hondataexperience