As some of you know. I have personally changed the plans for the TE27 Corolla named Iris. I traded her out right for another AE86, but a coupe this time. The goals I have in mind for the Motolyric flagship is still to build a Time Attack car, but I had to think logically. The TE27 was suppose to bring a different class in T/A and I still would want to pursue that route in the near future. But let’s face it, what car out there other than the Honda Civic EF, or Mazda Miata that has the potential to do just about anything, without breaking the bank. The AE86 is by far one of the most versatile vehicles today with aftermarket support and ongoing innovation. The motor-sports industry has always offered different products, and future concepts to keep the 86 alive. So after owning several in the past, I have never had the opportunity to finish one because I always end up selling it for more money than I paid them. Can’t blame anyone when money talks right. Lol.

This one is staying for sure, unless some crazy person offers me banana money for it. But it’s still going to take some time, planning and seat time. But this is going to be a fun path, and in all honesty, something that makes me more excited.

So what engine are you going to use?

What class you plan to pursue?

What color?

Originally F20/F22C or 2RZ, shit maybe a 2JZ. (Still debating)

Class will be as we progress. So start off with local track days to get going and get my feet wet again since I haven’t used my driving skills in almost 5 years.

Currently the car is White, and I’m not fond of Yellow, Orange or any neon colors. But Red is nice, problem is I have a friend with a Red one already, and with the amount of 86’s out there, finding a unique color for it would be impossible. So maybe Silver.

To be continued….. – Rommel Estrada #rco #motolyric #trackhookers