Now that Christmas is over and the year 2015 will follow suit. The one question most of us have is, what are we going to do next year? For some, it’s a car build, for others it’s a concept in their minds dwindling about what car part they want to buy or if they should. Some are already lingering on the world wide web or like me, writing down what I want to buy for my AE86. Lol. But before I do that, I wanted to end it right with the Best event I covered all year. This was the one, and although I should have shared what took place sooner, I really wanted to grasp the photos I took and share them in a way that you can see and feel at the same time. Yes it was Cold, yes it was also warm, and yes it rained on Saturday which meant I mostly had to take all these photos on the Main day Sunday.

The 20th Annual Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic 2015 was held again at the infamous and ever popular Maryland International Raceway. Known for the best staff a Drag Racer could have, and literally the Best track prep known to man. As I’ve mentioned it before and you can ask anyone else, they’ll tell you how great it is. Especially this year with the expectancy of more racers and unforeseen possibilities. They tripled their equipment to not only make sure you go down the track fast and safe, but in the harshest conditions that MIR is known for. So for the past years I’ve been doing this, going to events and capturing some cool cars. There’s always that one event that comes to your mind without hesitation that brings smiles. WCF does that, easily and it’s not so much of just one thing either, like the Single Digit Monsters, or the workers we mentioned, but overall it’s the atmosphere and the overall experience. I know I say this a lot, but it does matter to me, because what good is an event if the great vibes weren’t there. I mean at every angle from someone in the RV cooking some breakfast, to the guy setting up the booth at Vendor row, it’s everywhere, just some good ol racing love. Yeah there’s a mini car show here, but you don’t go to the most talked about Drag Racing event on Social Media for that, you go because you might want to see the Legendary Rotary powered machines that clock in 6’s all day. Or the Behemoth Big Block Twin Turbo V8’s that pound new cracks on the asphalt.¬†From one side of the pits to the other, various imports, and domestics are being wrenched on or prepped. Let’s also not forget, you got the Major Industry Companies like Haltech, BC, Real St, UPR, Precision Turbo, and Mickey Thompson to name a few down Vendor row backing everyone up, and selling some dope gear. The food is abundant with everything you can think of, and what racing event have you gone too, that has Bathroom attendants? Even at the porter potties. Lol. All in all, this place gets cooking on a 3-4 day time frame, but Saturday and Sunday is your main days. So if you really want to see what the World Cup Finals is all about, save some money, get your plane tickets in advance for November 4-6, 2016 and trust in what a little glimpse of what you see here and see it for yourself.

So enough of the talking and let’s let the photos tell you what happened at this epic event. -Rommel Estrada #wcf2015 #motolyric #trackhookers