Building a team always requires more than picking people from the crowd. When I first started Motolyric I always had the intentions of building a network of like-minded, and goal driven individuals. Through the years, I’ve met, friend-ed and created some solid relationships with some people in both photography and Motorsports. But it’s always a major big plus, if they were passionate as I was in both. 

Speed up to today, and recently through social media, I started to take notice of a SoCal Photographer named Nansi Hernandez. But before that, I met her years ago at a Import Face-Off event, (she still doesn’t remember) showcasing her beautifully done Honda Civic EK. But I didn’t know she took photos, and she was actually just going through the learning phases. So through multiple talks for the past months she started taking more photos and posting them up on Instagram, Facebook, etc.. It was then I noticed that her photos really took a different shape than the norm. After several posts from the same events we both attended, eyeing her photography results definitely showed some interesting stuff. So just like most photographers, we take notice and talk the talk, and since then we’ve been friends.

We did The Boost Festival, Global Time Attack, and Import Face-Off to start the year off. But since so many events are taking place the same days as others, it’s always a challenge being a one man show 95% of the time. So I recently added her to the Motolyric Roster to help tackle some events for 2017. But without taking away her art and what she can do, we’ll be working side by side and feeding off each others styles for the love of Motorsports and Photography.

The photos on this page are all taken by her, as she recently started The Dream Series, where you’ll find all her photos and products. So give her a follow and check her work out also on and Instagram thedreamseries.  -Rommel Estrada #thedreamseries