The legendary Cosworth DFV that gave 12 Championships to a strong list of drivers and manufacturers. Dominating Formula One from 1968 to 1982, it was this V8 also known as the “Four Valve” that changed F1 history for a long time. Based on our recent feature with Mark Jager and his Time Attack Subaru, you may have noticed that blueprint design shirt on him. Being an F1 fan himself, it was a great way to showcase a small piece of the DFV Engine in the best way we could, and introduce the first Formula One shirt in our series “Motolyric F1 #001.”

Based on the same quality we use in all our shirts, this one is available in a Limited Quantity. Although Time Attack and F1 are two different disciplines in Motorsports, I wanted to include a nicely crafted art piece from the previous years with Global Time Attack Road Atlanta, as a gift from us to you.

So with each order includes our “Heritage GTA” art print, and Free Shipping. ¬†“CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW”