In the world of Motorsports, drag racing still beats hard on a lot of gear heads across the globe. While some still believe that it takes no skill to pilot a car down a straight line, haven’t experienced it long enough to get to a level some can only dream about. But here at Motolyric, it don’t matter, and some of you can relate, that we all know that any racing is good for us. Although I haven’t Drag Raced a car since the local LACR closed down in 2007, I’m still a fan and follower since the Battle of the Import days, and I can say I will never get tired of it. I still enjoy that quick thrill watching 2 cars go at it from a dead stop. There is truly nothing like it in the world. 

Today everything is different, but the basic form of racing will always be the same. This time around, IDRC finalizes there season with a back on track Fontana event, and what could have been an even more interesting day. It was cut short from Mother Nature while eliminations had just begun. But the visit was worth it, as I was able to talk and run into some Import Legends like Dr. Charles, and several others that still race today. -Rommel Estrada #idrc2016

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