Somewhere in the outskirts of So-Cal there’s a gym, a dojo, or a Muay Thai Studio. Whatever it is to you, the Muay Thai America Gym in North Hollywood surely houses some great potential. I had the pleasure of working with my friend Jack owner of Satrawoot,  to just add a few clips of video to his already ongoing work. 

During my visit, I met David Huey and Victor “The Dynamite” Saravia of the Muay Thai America Gym and was amazed of the work ethic and stories told on their interviews. Victor currently on his way to London for another fight, he surely is climbing the ranks. We can’t to work with him again on a more exclusive shoot.

If you love fresh apparel, and killer designs. Check out for some dope tees and sweaters. I bought my own set and been loving them for working out, and doing whatever. In the past I’ve done some small shoots with a few fighters, and after working on this little project, I plan on doing more this year. -Rommel Estrada #staytuned