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The Story -Super Lap Battle USA COTA 2019

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While it’s still fresh in my head. Epic, if I had one word to describe Super Lap Battle COTA. What a place, what a time, and what an experience. It’s always been my dream to come to Circuit Of The America’s during a Formula One Season, but it never happened. It took me 7 years to finally step into this beautiful track, and in a way I never thought would be. Just like the old saying goes, you’ll never know where you’ll be 3-7 years down the line in your life. You can predict and try to manage fate but in some cases like mine it didn’t work out the way I intedend it too. In 2012 the F1 Season first time at COTA had my long time hero Michael Schumacher on the roster, and after announcing his retirement again halfway through the year, I knew I had one last chance to see him in person and watch my first F1 Race on American Soil. Being an F1 fan for years, this is what dreams are made of. But that same year I lost my job, and went through some of life’s tribulations and i didn’t end up going. Fast forward to 2019 I’m now here shooting for Super Lap Battle USA, Global Time Attack, and my company Motolyric. What a great start of the Time Attack Season, with so much to do in such a short 2 days. It was obvious I had my work cut out, and the angles, locations and everything else to be in it was going to be fun. First and foremost this track and it's facility is of the Best. Hands down, one if not the Best Location and [...]

86 Party Brigade – Team Topak Racing SOW

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Usually around this time I’m putting all the events together in the Calendar section. Mostly the ones I will be attending and shooting photos. Some I cannot make but are the ones I strongly recommend to the fans to race or just even attend. Every year a new list of events fills up social media and being the only person representing Motolyric from beginning to end. It can become a challenge when trying to choose which ones you want to go to. Fortunately for the Motor Sports Industry there has been a lot of activity, almost every weekend has an event here in So-Cal or even across the US. […]