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Before we leave…. 2015 Formula Drift Round 1

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Round 1 in the streets of Long Beach yet again. For me this is my 7th year covering the Formula Drift Series and what a kick-off for 2015 it was. The crowds were massive at yet another sold-out event, and I don’t know if it was the stories that built up to the first event, or could it have been the fact that there was notable changes in Drivers, Teams, and the Cars? The field seemed short due to the fact that some of our favorites like Taka Aono and his flyin 86, and Danny George with the LS Powerful Miata weren’t there doing battle to name a few. I’m sure I’m missing a few drivers but the show must go on as they say. […]

Red Bull Soapox Race in Atlanta

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Motolyric was proud to sponsor a Red Bull Soap Box Team this year.. Even with small funds we plan to continue to reach out around the world and connect to all the fans, supporters of our brand and what Motolyric represents. This race is known for it's creativity and amusement, held at different locations every year and bringing backyard brewed teams to compete against some big funded companies they all have one purpose, to compete with what they can build. The contraptions range from a combination of bicycles to skateboards, theme selection is crucial as they conjure the image to represent their purpose and why. No BIG Payouts, or super mega trophies, just great ol fashion fun for everyone to enjoy.. Well that's how I picture it, but in true form the "CHiP's" RedBull SoapBox Team managed a 5th overall against 37 teams!!! Congratulations to them for getting that spot and we can't wait for the next one coming soon to a city near you...