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The beat goes on – IDRC Finals 2016

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In the world of Motorsports, drag racing still beats hard on a lot of gear heads across the globe. While some still believe that it takes no skill to pilot a car down a straight line, haven’t experienced it long enough to get to a level some can only dream about. But here at Motolyric, it don’t matter, and some of you can relate, that we all know that any racing is good for us. Although I haven’t Drag Raced a car since the local LACR closed down in 2007, I’m still a fan and follower since the Battle of the Import days, and I can say I will never get tired of it. I still enjoy that quick thrill watching 2 cars go at it from a dead stop. There is truly nothing like it in the world.  […]

Spring Drags – IDRC Fontana 2016

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Spring into Summer, Drag Racing is fun when you’re there. Weather was a partial fear for some, but for the die hard of this industry, it wasn’t going to stop anyone in their tracks. IDRC comes down again to Fontana, for another Drag Racing event. Showing up with proper staff, vendors, car show, food trucks and the Drag Racing. […]

InstaDRAG – IDRC Finale 2015

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IDRC once again didn’t disappoint, bringing new comers and previous runners to a great turn out. Some racers made some personal best records, while others collected data to help them get closer their goals. But overall they filled the Fontana real estate with a full blown car show, model lounge, vendor row, and my personal favorite a Drag Race. Not to forget but they also had a good selection of Food Trucks. Lol.  […]

IDRC International Series Finals – Fontana Dragway, Fontana CA. October 19, 2014

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IDRC Sin City Nationals 2014 ????

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Just got back from Vegas for the IDRC Sin City Nationals. First-Off I want to congratulate all the winners at the event show or race. Thank you for making an effort and coming down regardless of where you came from. Second, as much as I would like to have seen a bigger number of competitors in all the classes and an audience that speaks volumes we all know that didn’t happen. So without trying to instigate or burn bridges here, I want to know what would it take to keep and grow the Import Drag Racing Scene alive on the West Coast? […]