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K Series Hoodie – TDS/ML Collaboration #2

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After much anticipaton and great feedback from the B Series Hoodie we released weeks ago. We’ve decided to bring out another collaboration with “The Dream Series” with the ever so famous K Series powerplant that has been the new kid on the block with all the right moves.  […]

Track Hookers – Staying warm during the cold season.

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Our very first Hoodie was an odd one to create. Through the 2014 season we attended more Time Attack events than before. Being the odd one to drive miles and sometimes hours away it was obvious we really love attending these events and capturing the people that go with it. Maybe it has something to do with the last time I was behind a steering wheel instead of a camera. Needless to say I’ve been kind of that obsessive, clingy type of person to the sport. Where ever there was an event, even as far as Atlanta for the famously growing Global Time Attack x Road Atlanta, we were there. So over time it surely developed I became a lot lizard if you will, traveling track to track and eventually became a Hooker for the love of Time Attack. But I wasn’t alone and seeing the drivers out there in rain or shine, they too where hookers of the sport. […]