Trend – A fad or cultural change developed by a group or population of individuals. 5-10 or maybe even 20 years ago the straight line speed culture was between Quarter-Mile Drag Racing and Land Speed Racing throughout the industry, with the uncommon 1/8th mile in the mix the competition of mostly race cars to street cars could be found in the pits. Fast forward to 2014 and now you have more than a smattering of half-mile and one mile race events going on worldwide, generally dominated by exotic or full blown and built super cars it’s been a rapidly developing culture that appears to travel farther than your average trend.

For me the first time I heard of Mile racing was back in the 90’s when I use to witness Eddie Bello and his Porsche eat up cars down the 1320 in single digits. He was interviewed and between him and a few others in the scene at the time who were mostly East Coast residents always mentioned “The Mile” a stretch of urban asphalt on the Westside Highway on the outskirts of New York City, from the Dykeman on-ramp to Exit 14-15 for Riverside Drive/George Washington Bridge/Cross Bronx Expressway, approximately a mile-and-a-half, ending with a slight bend to the left. Since the late ’80s, it has been the proving grounds for every make and model of street-race car from what I remember. Granted, I’ve never been there, but this was the closest thing I remember that was familiar to the Texas mile that started in 2003 and now the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack which is a Half-Mile event.

Every year this event gets crowded with more racers and spectators, highly organized right by the staff of Shift-S3ctor and Sponsors this event did not fail. Bringing all types of cars from Fast Fours to Twin Turbo Gallardos and GTR’s it was jammed packed with numbers to see. The numbers shown on 2 LED boards that posts the speed of each car going down a lonely airstrip in Coalinga California. Sunday had the final runs and also the fastest runs, one beautiful Chrome Blue Lambo Gallardo from Prestige Auto blasted down to a record holding 229mph. That same day Austin Oakes with his Lease Locators/English Racing/ETS sponsored Nissan GTR made way with a 223mph that very same day. What was even more astonishing was seeing a plain looking Mitsubishi Evo from  the same group run down the tarmac and clock in a 202mph trap speed. Other than the fast numbers my favorite rides of the event where the Mercedes AMG CLK63 from Weistec Engineering that lit up the tires upon takeoff, but unfortunately broke half way down, second car that stood out was Speed Society’s known 69 Chevy Camaro with a Twin-Turbo and last but not least my all time favorite that day was Morris Malone’s Cordes Performance – C6 ZR1. Call me crazy but, that Blue Hue and Blacked out meshed wheel set showed simplicity and beauty in one. With the new C7 out and depreciation who knows, maybe we will add a ZR1 in the Motolyric Stable one day.

In 2015 this event will sell-out in advance, so no it’s not a trend and definitely it will bring in some crazier rides, so make sure to check out our friends at Shift-S3ctor for the latest news and the next “Airstrip Attack” – Rommel Estrada #speedaddicts #shifts3ctor #motolyric