Another year or another SEMA for some. For me it was one out of 13 past SEMA’s, but since 2014. Lol. Either way, I had a great time and saw cars, parts, and builds that made me realize the direction of the Motorsports Industry is going well.¬†

Although the Big Trucks, and Off-Road scene is really taking off. The Street/Track Market is still strong and will always be. For the reasons of many that still want to go fast, and look good doing it.

I focused a lot on parts and cars pertaining to the Time Attack 2019 season, as I really see a lot of potential and direction with not just serious shop builds, but also cars that can do Time Attack with a few simple changes. For example out in the Optima StreetCar Challenge section, I spoke to a gentleman that was interested in Time Attack but has never tried it. He obviously had a car capable and after a convo he clearly stated he was wanted to give it a shot. I totally told him about Global Time Attack next season, and ended the talk there with some other tidbits on his car. But not just him, during my stay and trip I really wanted to expose the Time Attack World there with people I already knew and those who I have just met.

All in All I had a great time, and I might be back for 2019.. -Rommel Estrada #racecarsalways