Blame it on me, or the race track for losing my fact sheet and notes I had when I shot this car at Road Atlanta during the Global Time Attack PRO Championship RD 1. So I’m just going to use my good ol trusty instinct from what I see visually to describe this awesome GTR you see before you from DBW Motorsports.

Starting from the bottom you’ll notice some custom Finspeed wheels shodded in Yokohama Rubber. Where the JRZ Suspension plants this beautiful set while giving the car the track stance it needs to use. Alcon brakes prevent this bad boy from painting the walls a new color on the track, and give it enough balance when it dances. From the inside you’ll notice a Racetech Racing seat for creature comfort, surrounded by a custom roll cage. While the exterior is bulging out a custom body kit with aero mods, I do not know the name or brand, so without further ado enjoy this beautiful set of photos of one the meanest, cleanest, looking GTR’s to come from the South.

If you haven’t seen this Time Attack Monster yet, then head over to GTA x NOLA Speed and Style today the 7th-9th at NOLA Motorsports Park to witness this beauty bust some times. -Rommel Estrada #racecarsmatter