In 2016 the Time Attack world continues to grow. With cars being built by not just one person anymore, but by a group of like-minded people that have the same passion and goal. With shops, tuners, and Industry companies involving themselves with these cars, the recognition is becoming apparent.

Not to long ago, a enthusiast from the desert of California got hooked on a track day, and just went from zero to more. Mark Jager not only had a passion for cars, but a willingness to succeed to a racing career. Having already purchased a Subaru STI, he was doing some drag racing at the now defunct LACR, but found more. Staying active with his local track, Willow Springs International Raceway. He started to gain more interest in Time Attack and progress within the ranks.


It didn’t take long for him to start progressing. Using the Subaru STI as a competitive machine, requires more than just tires and fuel. Thankfully the aftermarket support for these cars is enormous, but tuner and famed Subaru Specalists Yimisport came about and sealed a solid relationship with Mark. A shop very well-known in the Subie World, that has gone through Mark’s car many times. Providing quality craftsmanship, and a die-hard work ethic to ensure Mark and his Subaru are performing at their best.


Unfortunately with constant change, Jager Racing’s Subaru will probably go through another transformation by the time I see it again. Only giving me enough time to capture it’s beauty, and enjoy it’s current form at a Global Time Attack Championship Round in Road Atlanta. Other than the obvious Lost Arts Liquids drenching the cars look, using nothing but the best from my eyes, the interior is straight business using a Sabelt Seat, Steering wheel, and Harness for creature Comforts. AEM Electronics Guages on the dash to tell Mark what’s going on and It’s all protected by a Pierce Motorsports Cage. Now in case anything catches a spark, Sabelt comes to the rescue again with their fire suppression system.

The heart of this car’s flat four got some goodness from all angles, currently utilizing a sleeve block by Killer B PerformanceJE Pistons, a Scat Crankshaft, Manley Turbo tuff rods, GSC CamsACL Race Bearings, Supertech Performance Valves, and the ports performed by SoCal Porting. For boost and power, the Borg Warner EFR Turbo finds a home with Full Race’s manifold and tuned with a COBB Accessport by legendary Tuner Paul Leung. The fuel department is handled by Fuel Injector Clinic, a Pyrotect Fuel Cell, and Aeromotive lines to top it off. While all this power is being used, a ACT Clutch comes to aid the power transfer to the wheels, and then to the OS Giken Diffs.

The footwork is handled by Fortune Auto’s famed Coil overs, combined with Swift Springs, and Whiteline components. While the speed of this car is crazy fast, using AP Racing Brakes, and Project MU Pads make sure to stop this car when it’s needed. The Wheels are the true to art and quality type, using nothing but the best in the industry, the Yokohama RGIII Wheels look so nice shodded by Hoosiers on all fours.

The outer skin is finished off with a Wasp Composites Hood and Splitter in the front, Singular Motorsports Louvers to redirect the air flow. Juggaurnaut Aero Designs Fender Flares to help the time attack stance, and ending the rear with a huge APR GT1000 Dual Element Swan Neck Wing.

As with all cars being built, either for purpose or fun. You have to appreciate the great work, not just from Mark himself, but from Paul the tuner, to his friends and family that put their hands on this car every time they are working on it. Through the years, I’ve followed and observed this car and every time it goes through some changes, only then I appreciate it more and more. The companies you see on this car, are not just here you go, use this, they actually have built personal relationships with Mark and his crew, for helping Jager Racing continue to race and make use of their products while staying competitive. In the end none of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Paul, Gil, Ken, Oscar, Rami, Joe, Aaron, his Dad Mike, and wife Rachel.. -Rommel Estrada #rco #jagerracing #globaltimeattack #yimisport #lostartliquids

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