In a world where Horsepower seems to be more attractive in Race Cars than actually driving the car, everyone seems to misunderstand the term. Where the track proves not only the car you drive, but the skill set you you have. Global Time Attack has been an exciting event for us since day one, giving Time Attack Cars a home and a place for drivers to go all out, safely.

But this year in a field of nicely built machines, there was one simple car that caught my eye. Black in color and nicely built without nothing to crazy, or slapped on just for the day. I don’t know if it was the simplicity or the aesthetically proper look it showed me when parked in the pits. But I knew I had to keep my eye on this car. Shooting these events require some footwork, and in my case lately some pedaling. But at my shooting stations, I can see this Black Acura Integra doing rounds alongside some of the fastest cars that day. Well, I never met the guy who owned the Black Integra I captured two-wheeling off of Phil Hill that day. But after several days, and a couple of messages, I finally got a chance to talk to Mike Hatten and his beautiful Integra. A long time enthusiast in the industry and a track hooker for sure. He’s been working on cars for quite some time and has a natural eye for building them right. Usually can be found tracking with Speed Ventures, he’s a downright cool guy you can just talk about cars galore with.

Although seen in various looks, the current setup with 15×8 TE37’s by Volk Racing shod with Hoosiers on all four makes this car look so proper. Suspension is handled by JRZ with externals and some chassis stiffness in the aid of a Roll Bar makes way without over boarding the car’s footwork. Originally a GSR platform, but modified to delete the sunroof, it finishes the upper body with a nice FAL Rear Hatch window. As you look inside, very gutted but cleanly done and no sign of extras. Using a single Bride Bucket seat, and a Personal Steering wheel for creature comforts, there’s nothing more interesting than seeing something so clean and functional.

The heart of this little monster is nothing but a mild B-Series worked on by Alaniz, Joe a good friend of mine did his magic and blueprinted this thing for reliability. But also combined with a Skunk 2 Header, a Blackworks Radiator and Hasport Mounts holding it down. Putting out only 195whp, you start to ask yourself how this low-hp car was able to fly through the course doing a 1:54.1 at Buttonwillow’s famous CW13. You say whatever formula you have come up with, and argue why and what all  you want. But after spending a good hour with Mike and talking to him, a gentleman at best clearly agrees, you just have to go out there and “Just Track It”.. -Rommel Estrada #rco #justtrackit

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