I’ll share a brief history on myself. I’ve constantly liked the beat up track abused look with aggressive aero. I was never one to drool over super clean builds, but that stock power planted civic with worn R888’s was always just enough to look over. Then my S2000 comes in which was supposed to be my street/auto cross car. Full interior and livable, well that last all of a month and then things like AC started coming out magically.

The car as you see it now goes into street tire time attack series. The car itself looks flashy, but it’s very basic. Kognition wing and wasp composite splitter and canards keep an aerodynamic grip while 17×10 RPF1 wrapped in Nitto Nt05 covers the mechanical grip. Stance coilovers have done me well for many years and can be made in house from TF works so you can’t beat that! I’ve never been the one to wash a car a million times before taking it out or keeping it clean period. But it receives a wash before each track event or show and that’s roughly it. Sheri (that’s her name) is out to her limits anytime I drive it. I’ve broken many, many parts, while writing this sitting in my shop taking a break from removing a broken differential. The interior has some creature comforts like door panels due to class rules but that’s about it. No radio, no speakers, no carpet, and soon it’ll merely have one seat. The only thing next for Sheri is well, everything, boost, cage, wider tires and wheels. This is one of those endless projects that will never stop until either I end up in a wall on some track or, well that’s just about it actually. The goal is to end up at super lap battle this year. The ultimate goal is to win championships in GTA, Gridlife, and CSCS time attacks. Who am I kidding, I built this car to have fun and so far I have a pretty big smile on my face! – Devin Giles #rco #motolyric #trackhookers #globaltimeattack #gridlife