Sad news was spread through out the industry when we all found out of “Big Willie” Robinson going to a hospice for his last days. A veteran of war and an inspiring being in the underground world of street racing he left us with memories of a time when racial tension and gang wars where running the west coast of Los Angeles. A big name and a big man who was looked up to by the streets and the law, he took the racers off the streets by offering a place to race, something that no one dared or has tried to repeat again. Brotherhood Raceway Park was opened by Big Willie and ended up closing it’s doors in 1995 due to some economic turmoil, regardless it was a place where everyone, race, color, good or bad joined to run down the track. A peaceful place for all those who loved the roll, loved to race and just have fun..

He will be missed for he  has passed and will join his wife Tomiko Robinson in heaven..  GODSPEED your sould “Big Willie” you will forever  be missed..