I mean you can call it whatever you want. Luck, amount of practice, horsepower changes, bumper, etc.. We can keep going on and on, on what it took to make a 2012 Honda Civic do a 01:37.308 at the infamous Buttonwillow Raceway Track #CW13. But we may never know, and for arguments sake it would be to much information to fill this story here, and probably go off of the chart in the wrong way. As always I want to keep it short with highlights and more photos for all of you to see. But yes it is true and it’s been 12 days since then that William Au-Yeung hailing from Canada who would make the trek down to Global Time Attack Round 1 and wow the World with what was unheard of, or not even close to being thought of years ago for a Front Wheel Drive Honda Civic to completely smash the Overall Lap Record at a Track that has been used to staple the fastest and baddest Time Attack Cars in North America. 

But before we get to that Highlight, the event was sold out, and Global Time Attack teamed up with Speed District again to offer a full day of Track Time for everyone. Once I got there, I already noticed some cars I haven’t seen yet, and others updated and changed over the winter break for new goals in mind. After grazing around the pits in my limp mode fashion. There was a Nissan Juke I took notice which was being worked on, being driven by Lars Wolfe I was looking forward to seeing what it would pull. But he might have had some gremlins that changed his day. Ryan Passey returned in his V6 Mazda Miata of Goodwin Racing, always a beautiful looking car, he took 1st Limited RWD with a 01:47.559 followed by Adam Knapik with a 01:52.366 in a bright killer green Porsche 991 that had a film crew and all. Can’t wait to see what they produced if it hits the web, because they had cameras, grips, stage trucks, crew buffet. lol. Just kidding, they did have a lot of filming going on though. But if you thought the only record was smashed in FWD and Overall. Long time Time Attacker aka Record Breaker Markos Mylonas of Snail Performance also came out swinging and landed himself another record beating his own with a 01:48.282 keeping him still the Street AWD Champion.

So months ago William was at the same track for GTA Super Lap Battle 2017 in which he brought his Acura RSX Race Car, since the Main Flagship was still en route from Australia. There he was short of his previous time held by his Honda Civic which held the FWD Record already at a 01:43.365, only to lose that FWD title to fellow competitor James Houghton in his K Tuned Acura Integra Type R with a 01:42.288 at that particular event. Super Lap Battle 2017 also recorded another FWD Record that day in the Limited Class, which was a 01:48.424 by Chris Boersma. So the FWD Dominance was already stemming, and with Round 1 2018 starting off the year right, it became official after 2 sessions mid-day, a FWD Time Attack Machine would end up claiming the fastest overall record. Toppling the old 4 year standing record 01:37.520 held by Billy Johnson in another Honda, but a NSX. Again not to take anything away from the overall event, but surely this was the talk for the next 3-5 days after. In my belief, it was the perfect storm, after talking about it with others, I came to my theoretical conclusion. A newly or differently developed car that was dialed in, tuned, and prepped, harnessing quality proven components with the combined effort of PZ Tuning’s Crew, and their reputable Tuner Sasha Anis of Onpoint Dyno. To the track conditions, temps, and of course the driving skills that William used from only what he would know to do that would ultimately crack the record to seal the deal. Everything just lined up on this day for Will, and of course without doubt his trusted crew member Alex Vonghay.

Now moving forward this record I believe will topple again this year, should it come from a FWD, or AWD, or RWD we will have to wait and find out. For now we wait for several days to meet up with even more Time Attack Cars and Racing at Global Time Attack Road Atlanta May 11-12!! This one is going to be Epic! See you there! -Rommel Estrada #timeattackeverywhere