Summer Days and Summer Nights both are starting to become the same, although us So-Cal residents rather have the Summer Nights, part of living here in Cali is absorbing the melting pot of the weather in all forms. August 24th 2013 marked the return of MAZFEST a gathering of all things Mazda. Also known to be the Premier Mazda Only Track Day and Festival it drew in people from all parts of the West Coast and also being an annual event every year it continues to grow and bring in new and larger crowds. This year teamed up with Extreme Speed Track Events they held it at the West Coast Famous Willow Springs International Raceway, combined with Show Cars and Race Cars it was a great expereience overall.

Some interesting Highlights of the event was the Ride Alongs and some interesting cars like Professional Drifter “Kyle Mohan’s” Barney Purple RX-8 that was gripping for testing and showcasing one of the most Die Hard Rotary Race Teams in Professional Motorsports. This car is a Long Star in the Drifting World, making it to almost every Formula Drift Event they have been fighting there way to the top.

Also the Vendor row had a large showing from the Popular “Race Room” to the Mazda Originals like “Mazda Trix”, “Tripoint Engineering” and 949 Racing to name a few. Vendor and Sponsor “Lucky 7” racing showcased a really nice FD RX7 that had legit racecar features, which on track was a smooth running car and  it was fast and nimble as any RX7 should. As I thought I would see more Rotary powered vehicles, there wasn’t as many as I expected, but all in all from an Original JDM Capella to various Rotary Powered Mazdas they all showed up proudly giving the Mazda Brand a purpose. But one rotary powered machine was the Orginal RX7 First Gen from Mazdatrix, it was my all time fave, being over 20 plus years old the workmanship of this car was executed well and it showed, racing all day with no hiccups, it was the only RX7 giving ride alongs and pratically raced every session it was on. Just goes to show that the right combination or parts, builder, and machine can bring a very satisfying Race Car.

As predicted the Miata’s ruled the entire Event, with 5 or more Miata’s per session, they where literally everywhere. Seeing this Little wonders do what they do it’s obvious that a very affordable platform with minimal needs can be so popular. Using lightness and balance as the key to it’s success it has been used from both amateur to professional motorsports since the early 90’s. The Spec Miata is the possibly the most famous nationwide Spec Class that brings drivers from all ages and styles to be the Best of the Best. Many Professional Drivers in Higher Motorsports Series started from that arena and have owed the honors to the “Spec Miata”, of course out of all the Miata’s One Car that Stood out and was happy to see and I’ve captured it in the past at many Drag Racing Events was Drag Racer Christian’s “Miatazilla” powered by a Nissan GTR Turbo 6 it was slicked down and struting itself parked hard in the show area, being also possibly the quickest and most interesting car in the show area it also managed to take the “Best Mazda Overall” Trophy.


A true understanding of these machines will get you in some facts you never knew, just as Mazda’s famous ads on tv and publications as the Brand is that people race more Mazdas, than any other car is very very true. For next year we expect it to be even Bigger, as “MAZFEST 2013” was a nice staple to this Summer’s Car Culture nothing can replace events catered to Specific Brands and Marques. So if your in So-Cal or close make sure to look out in 2014 for the next one.. -Rommel/Motolyric #thisiscarculture #motolyric #dontletoff #Mazfest2013 #mazfest #mazdamiata #mazdarx7.