Legendary in it’s own right, nothing is as exciting for me to start the racing season with some good ol Drag Racing. The import kind of Import Face-Off, that has been bringing back the Import Drag Racing a place to race, and a spot in the Motorsports World. Sure it’s not as big as the Imports vs. Domestics at the end of year or March Meet that falls after, but Cliff of IFO and the partners like Mike from the Foat, and Nick of Ososik have been making IFO a legendary series for some time now. With over 40 plus events a year around the USA, they have been giving racers a place to go down the quarter mile for the past 16 years and have succeeded as now the #1 Import Drag Racing Series in the US! 

Fast forward to today, we are finally making a comeback ourselves and trying to attend more IFO events in 2018. We took a break from the scene last year due to our partnership with a race team that is rebuilding their program, and also due to the events and time that these fall under others that required more of our attention. Either way, the first one off the list was in Farmtown Bakersfield! We made it, and was happy to see the track, pits and stands where filled. Not to the max, but enough to house the huge crowds. The Car Show, and Vendor Row was off the hook, more vendors then previous years which shows growth. As always they have a Sound Competition that hosts some local fame, but if you know us, we don’t really go to IFO for thay, even though you’ll find some dope cars here and there. But it’s the Pits, the staging lanes, and the race track where you’ll find us.

Arrived a little late, but just in time for first round qualifying, and what looked like a TV Show in the making. It was here we found some race cars, Speed Factory Racing made their trek like they’ve done in the past 3-4 years hailing all the way from Washington State. Nor-Cal repped hard and So-Cal of course was in full effect. So without losing your interest in this story, and going into an oblivion of details, we’ll talk about the best showdown at the event, which was between the FCS Race Integra Vs. Sinister Racing’s Integra. The battle was a classic Nor-Cal vs So-Cal issue, with maybe some heated talk, and battle between Jason of FCS and Greg of Sinister Racing, they apparently have been talking through some months of a grudge race between their cars and the drivers. But after days, weeks, it finally went down, and for $4200 total the day was perfect, and the track was ready for them. The build-up to this was a badass one for sure, although I don’t really know the Sinister guys much other then a few guys, I have known Jason since the early 2000’s and it literally felt like old times on the streets of the Valley. And so here is where it gets interesting, as the kicker to this story is Legendary OG Racer Ed Bergenholtz, yup the one and only, the innovator of the fwd wheelie bar, and one of the few including his brother that took the Import Drag Racing scene to it’s pinnacle. Strapped in and the hired gun for FCS as a new racing collaboration BR/FCS Racing (Bergenholtz Racing/ FCS Racing) that started last year has been a winning combination. It came down to this run which really tested the best of the best. Both had staged fast and easy, and Greg/Sinister took off from the light, both were practically neck to neck, and the crowd was roaring with awe. Just as we wanted, a close fucking race, the beams tripped at the end to reveal a 8.47 for Sinsiter and a 8.41 for FCS! Taking the WIN, Ed Bergenholtz/FCS takes the crown and the $4200 for good. The excitement and draw from the crowds had woahs and oohhhhss… Lol. It surely was a spectacle and one for the history books. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the event in the photos.. -Rommel Estrada #importfaceoff