Not for the fame, but for that time. The one set of numbers that Time Attack Drivers have been working on all year, or for some their whole lives. Either it be an addiction or straight lunacy, Time Attack continues to be a Hot thing right now. I mean, who can blame people for not loving these cars, from the technical things on what works and doesn’t to the beautiful aesthetics of the aero. It’s all eye candy, and every year in our industry, there are always new cars, and new products. While some go with these changes, there are those who practice and rack up seat time rather than change anything. Or even crazier, racers doing complete rebuilds, or even a whole new car. Regardless of where they are at, and what decisions they’ve made the end result of achieving that certain number is what all that matters.

For the past several years I’ve been grateful enough to witness almost every Global Time Attack event and Super Lap Battle, and every year records continue to fall. This time around was no different, and seeing the amount of racers chasing records was inspiring. So much that I literally wanted to go straight home right after the event and just sell all my camera gear so I can finish my 86 build. Lol. But of course that didn’t happen. Although I can’t wait to get back behind the wheel, there’s no better place to be, than being part of the action in the meantime. For me, watching these guys go all out on the turns, I’m always wondering which car is going to take it, or who will show up out of nowhere and tell some stories. I believe that’s part of the fun, and as a photographer it’s always interesting.

This Super Lap Battle was definitely a big one, with a bigger crowd in the pits and the stands. Just to give you an idea if you missed it, before the second day, I was already seeing Instagram posts from people who have never been to a Time Attack event. The comments and emoji’s where all “Wow”, “Tfti”, “Where you at?” etc. Just like any addiction, people become curious and all it takes is actually being there. It was also very nice to see lot’s of media and industry people supporting and covering the event. Super Street brought their crew in Full Force, Motor Mavens, JDM Zipties, Narita Dog Fight and MCV Imagery¬†and several more I might have forgot to mention made it out. So if you want to see more photos and more content on lap times and what happened go ahead and click on their links.

For 2016, the Global Time Attack events are going to bring in the best of the best as always. Being the Premier Time Attack Series in the US, more drivers and cars from all over will continue to chase that time, will the records fall again? Absolutely.. -Rommel Estrada #wearetimeattack #globaltimeattack #motolyric #trackhookers