The Last Formula Drift at Irwindale Speedway. It’s what everyone has been saying building up to this event, but I could’ve sworn I heard 2014 and 2013 were the last years also. Regardless of the truth here we are in 2015 and as I’m shooting away at the cars sliding up and around the course, I still don’t believe it. Lol. Whatever the case may be, drifting will be here to stay, and hopefully for a long long time. The question is, where will they move the Final Round too?

Well, if history has taught us, well, it’s that the Final Round in FD has always been a surprising one. Who would have thought a 4 cylinder Scion TC would win, if I wasn’t part of the industry and just knew enough. I would have called you a liar. Lol. But this Finale definitely ended well, for some it may have been an upset from the looks on everyone’s faces, then as the tandem battles went one after the other, it truly seemed Fredric Aasbo was meant to win this Championship. In the end when the smoke cleared, not only did he win the Final Round, but the 2015 Season, and the World Championship making him a 3-time Champion in Formula Drift in all categories.

To top it off Ken Gushi in another Scion, a GReddy powered FR-S took home second place, but his night wasn’t so easy either. Battling it out with the Best of the Best, fighting gremlins in the car between rounds, and almost losing it. In the end he pulled up to the starting line for the last run of the night, right up next to Fredric Aasbo, you can hear the fans roaring for what could possibly be the last Pro Tandem at Irwindale. The guys from GReddy, Scion Racing, and the crews of both Drivers all on their toes. Boom, the hammer dropped and both Scions broke loose and danced into the bank, and the rest was all magic. Smoke billowing from the tires, you can feel the energy from all over. It happened so fast, that only a memory in my mind can replay it, and if you were there you’d know what I mean. Will the Original House of Drift succumb to a Mall? Only time will tell.. -Rommel Estrada #fdirw #motolyric #formulad #drifthookers #saveirwindale