The year and season is coming to an end sooner than we think. Unfortunately for some of us, the winter season brings a small break, but not enough to hold us down or stop us from doing what we love. Global Time Attack continues to grow moving forward, with more events locally and nationwide. If there’s a reason why more and more racers are flocking to these events, it’s because of the community it brings together. Organized and completely fun, Speed District joins forces with GTA and comes in to support another group of drivers. With these two companies offering all levels of skills, there is a racing group from the beginner to the pro. It doesn’t matter who you are, what car you drive, just bring your car and race to win with everyone else.

Although this event did bring new cars and new drivers I haven’t seen before, this one was a warm up to Super Lap Battle for me, and NOLA Speed & Style for some. Definitely I hope no one misses out on any of those upcoming events as they will be jammed packed and one you’ll regret if you didn’t make it. -Rommel Estrada #timeattack #globaltimeattack #speeddistrict #rco #motolyric #trackhookers #wearetimeattack