Godzilla is definitely living up to its name. With a recent post of the LAtest goal or statement issued by Autoblog.com the 2015 GTR is slated to do the 0-60 in 2 seconds flat. If that be a goal or for sure thing it makes you wonder what other things or goals does this Beast from the Far East is still set out to do. Surely many cars in the past 20 years or more have done it, but from my understanding these where race cars or in many cases full blown street cars that carried an artillery of upgrades. Now fast forward to 2013 and forward, cars out of the Dealership can catapult to 60 seconds anywhere from 3-6 like its nothing and Manual Gearboxes are ancient in Sports cars.

It’s obvious the AWD Platform has surely changed the game to achieve this and with lightweight components and computer technology achieving more with every test, I wouldn’t doubt it. The question is to us is how long will it hold the 2 second title for? Or will this accomplishment be just to make sure the Nissan GTR is known or more so in that matter?

As an enthusiast for all cars I’ve loved the GTR since day one but the R35 never interested me enough due to not having a Manual option. Some say I’m to purist about that but not really its just that I’ve grown to love and enjoy racing my cars on the track in full manual mode. Something that’s very difficult to veer from even with these numbers.

We will just have to wait and see till 2015. After all it’s the same year the Comeback of the NSX is suppose to reveal itself in showrooms. Along with many other possible comebacks or new iterations. -Rommel/Motolyric #thisiscarculture #motolyric #dontletoff #nissangtrGodzilla Waiting..