Time Attack Is where it’s at -If you haven’t been or know much about Time Attack, I strongly encourage you to come through at a Global Time Attack event. Unlike other forms of racing, I still find Time Attack the closest thing to grassroots builds that were once in someone’s mind and then executed on a car to race. There is no one sided build here, or marquee, I mean you can sway that way like some. Lol. But if you like Honda’s or Chevys, LS swapped BMW’s and just much more, you’ll notice it all here. What I love most about this sport is the ingenuity of what goes on with the cars. Sure there is the common name branding and components you’ll find on most other race cars especially from other forms of Motorsports. But I believe it’s in Time Attack most that you’ll find design cues and similar components in line with other race cars from Drag Racing to the high levels of open wheel racing. Just taking the time to check out what these guys or teams do with their cars is exciting. Some stay consistent with their builds, while others continue to push the envelope further. Chasing records, times or just the notoriety of getting to the next level. Although some are sponsored or helped in a way to get to where they are at on their builds, by all means it wasn’t a free ride or some type of ass kissing. These guys worked really hard day in and day out, month after month, and year after year. Their determination and never giving up attitude was how they got to that podium, their tenacity and timing paid off when others said it couldn’t be done. These guys put in hours and sacrifices to get that One Fast Lap.

The beautiful difference is most, if not all are privateers, everyday people living that are just living their lives with Families, jobs, or being part of society. While some maybe already part of the industry by profession or business. It’s still by not any means people that are driving professionally as a career choice. Although a select few are lucky enough to call Driving their only means of income.

Granted that’s all our dreams, but saving money, building, and then to go race for that one fast lap. Man it’s another form of thrill. Closely related in my eyes like Drag Racing where within seconds it all comes down to. This Time Attack Life is coming strong, going into 2019 there’s a lot to attend and be part of as a photographer. Surely the ride hasn’t stopped and if these pictures don’t do any justice, or any other great brands and photographers you’ve already seen. Come to the next GTA event, take a look at the cars, talk to the drivers, just check it out. If you’re a gear head like me, you’ll appreciate it in person more. I guarantee that. -Rommel/Motolyric