Through the years as a fan of Sports Car Racing and Formula One. I’ve slowly recovered, and collected Original Photographs of what I believe are some of the greatest moments in Motorsports History. From the cars to the drivers, I’ve been able to find and purchase some Original photos that speak loud of these past times. 

A couple years ago, I found a rare photo of one of the most well known Turbocharged Porsche 917/10’s in Can-Am action. A car that was touched by Hans Mezger, and brought to North America to promote Porsche+Audi Dealerships by winning races. Although the story goes deeper, with L&M Cigarettes and Penske Racing. The sole purpose was to focus on winning the Can-Am Championship that was already dominated for years by McLaren. Even though it was only a 2 year time period between 1972-1973, the cars themselves where masterpieces of engineering and art. George Follmer also drove the #6 Car which is the brother car that his team mate Mark Donohue also drove. The #7 Car in this Original Photograph was the Car that George drove after Team Mate Mark Donohue had a small accident during testing, and would also be the race car that would take him to secure the 1972 World Championship. In that same year, George Follmer also took home the 1972 Trans-Am Championship, which made him the only driver to win both Can-Am and Trans AM Championships in the same year.

Some of the Original Photos I’ve collected through the years.

With this new line of shirts called “Series 0” I wanted to create another simplified shirt, that would incorporate these old genuine photographs. While also continuing our effort in supplying the Motorsports Culture an official product they can be proud to wear. Staying neutral, using no colors and using only the highest quality Screen Printing Ink, we will place the artwork in Black and White on the front of our already proven AAA Premium 100% Cotton Black Shirts. Available for a Limited time from April 23 to April 30th. Once they’re gone, that’s it, we will close this design forever. -Rommel Estrada #motorsportsculturesupply

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