Will Wattanawongkiri Racing's Mad Machine..

Will Wattanawongkiri Racing’s Mad Machine..

FREE ONE DAY TRACK PASS via Motolyric x Extreme Speed Track Events

This Saturday at Willow Springs Raceway, Extreme Speed will be running another Twilight Event. What’s a Twilight Event? Well it starts Late in the Day at 3:00pm and ends at Midnight, meaning during these Hot Summer Days you can Track your car late in the Day under Cooler Temperatures which makes it more enjoyable and an experience worth attending if you haven’t already. Ever seen Glowing Brakes under hard braking before these cars enter a turn? Well you can’t miss out on this one, truly one of the sought after events on every racers Summer Schedule.

Motolyric is Officially a Sponsor now with Extreme Speed and we are looking to award someone with a ONE DAY TRACK PASS to the First person we choose that Gives a One Off Cool Write-up Story we can Post up on our News Blog on www.motolyric.com

The Winner can be a Driver racing at that event or attending as a Spectator and will be Featured on our main website www.motolyric.com and credited for their story.To Enter and Win just follow these steps.

1. Attend the Extreme Speed Twilight Event at Willow Springs on Saturday Aug 03 at 3pm.

2. Write-up a One Off Story about their Experience, Highlights of the Event, Race Cars in attendance, Drivers, and The Car Culture at the Event.

3. Email Write-up, contact info, and any other details to motolyric@gmail.com

Once the Winner is Chosen we will award him a ONE DAY TRACK PASS good to be used at any Extreme Speed Track Event!!!

-Rommel/Motolyric #thisiscarculture #motolyric #dontletoff #extremespeedtrackevents