In a Fast Paced world of everything and anything we want now and here with results, the Photography Industry has become a huge network of so many people popping out of the woodwork. With Social Media common in all areas it is almost impossible not to get noticed or in some cases followed if you have the Talent or Skill to provide something unique. Now I haven’t been in the game that long to say that for sure but for as long as I’ve been shooting and capturing stories, I’ve seen many photographers come and go, but regardless and in my eyes all are talented in their own way.

Come across Jordan Adkins a person with a story to tell in almost every photo and you’ll understand why, he’s been featured in some Big Name Media Outlets such as Speedhunters, Canibeat, and Stancenation to name a few, a Freelance Photographer in his own right and has also done numerous work for Industry Companies like WORK Wheels Japan, and HRE Wheels.

Believe it or not he was a follower of Motolyric during the beginning on Facebook and I followed him back to see his work, through the short time of a year or more I started to notice more and more on how passionate he is when working on the field. Just seeing the amount of time and work he puts in his photos alone truly expresses a dividing wall between a photo and a Jordan Adkins Photo. As with most photographers depending on how you see things and what you have Jordan doesn’t use any Top Shelf Pro Equipment and Pro Lenses, but has managed to use his creative instinct to work with what he has. A believer in less is more and just like me using nothing but instinct and creative desire his Photos are extremely expressive and shows how unique you can be if you develop a style that can staple your name.

Just recently I’ve called on him for a collaboration and contribution for the Fontana Nissan 5 Meet and he brought up a nice collection of work. But even better he supplied a small album for us when he covered the Subiefest 2013 and in this album you can clearly see the talent and work.

As Motolyric grows and I’m still the Main Photographer it’s a challenge finding the right people to represent the Brand in a way you intended it. Of course when I started Motolyric I clearly stated that it’s a Photography Based Brand, and as it grew with my style of Photography being Artistic I wanted to stick to that “Art Photography” avenue to bring everyone a different outlook on seeing photos. Going now on 3 years, work and continued growth is expanding so fast I myself cannot do it alone anymore, so it was bound to happen when I started asking for help and to those I already knew I was very selective in what kind of work they could produce so that when the Motolyric Watermark is on that photo it still shows what Motolyric is all about.

Jordan Adkins is clearly a Talented Photographer who can bring some interesting work, he will continue to Contribute to Motolyric and is still a Freelance Photographer, so if you need Awesome Great work you can reach out to him on his site

See More of his work here:

Jordan Adkins: Fontana Nissan 5 Meet

Jordan Adkins: Subiefest 2013

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