Ahead of schedule which is unusual, but for this event I wanted to make sure I got everyone taken care of, so I borrowed some faster gear that I once owned before to help me in the photography department and deliver with no issues. Thanks to Jason and the GTA Staff for making it possible for me to come across the US and join this East Coast Party. Arriving to this facility first hand was not what I expected, well of course that’s because I’ve never been to New Jersey Motorsports Park before, and I was thinking about this place being small and honestly I was picturing a totally different track. But to my surprise, it far exceeded my expectations as a photographer, visitor, and a new fan. I’m sure the drivers might have had similar feelings, since from what I gathered, they have said the track was smooth, nice and a lot of fun. 

Day one had a nice turnout with competitors and cars I haven’t seen yet. Since Global Time Attack teamed up with Speed District again, there was also a large amount of cars from that event as well. They both shared the track time on both days, and filled up the venue easily. Starting from the Tech Inspections there was this odd ball looking Group C looking car that entered, it was draped in all things awesome including a N/A Built LSX V8 nestling under it’s Mid Canopy. The car is known as a Superlite SL-C aka a formidable kit car that is built to race, compete, win, and kick ass. Well it was nice to see a car like this at a Time Attack event, even though it was placed in the Pro/Comp Class, it was still a Race Car capable of doing what it wanted to do. Plus it had it’s sights set on the Overall Time Attack Record at the track.

Now before I get into the main things I captured at this event, there was 8 Records that where set at this track and at this GTA event. Probably since the last time GTA was here was in 2012 and the record holder at the time was Jeff Westphal and the GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza L with a 01:02.460 that was actually done in 2011. Fast forward seven years later, we are now back at the same track with a whole different set of cars, and drivers. This time in eight different classes, starting with Enthusiast RWD Khoi Ha and his BMW M3 taking 1st in class with a 01:18.137, and followed by Anthony Cuthbert in his New Honda Civic Type R (Baby Ferrari Racing/Whiteline) taking Enthusiast FWD with a 01:16.088.

Street Class of course was filled in the RWD Category with 9 competitors, and hopes of our friend Nick Stentiford hailing all the way from Colorado getting podium, but that didn’t happen. Instead it was John Lewis in 3rd with his BMW M3 at a 01:16.399, Jackie Ding taking 2nd with a 01:12.698 in the other S2000, and 1st going to Facebook Famed Brian Tyson with his beautiful JSTuned Chevy Camaro, coming in with a smaller tire and a 01:11.830! Now Street Class wouldn’t be complete without Markos “Record Breaker” Mylonas who not only broke the record with a 01:08.962, but took home another Waypoint Watch (You can donate that to me anytime bruh). But also trailing not to far from him, was Sally “Salty” McNulty with a 01:11.180 in her Snail Performance/IAG Performance Subaru WRX, followed by so so close Chris Bickford and his Mitsubishi EVO X with a 01:11.192.

Now in the Limited Class, hired gun Adam Knapik came all the way from So-Cal piloting again the Savvy/Sp Motorsports Porsche 911GT3 to a 01:09.504 in RWD, followed by Kyle Fredrick in his clean Honda Civic HB with a 01:16.519 in Limited FWD, and Alex Li the other Canadian who trekked down to join us and take the Limited AWD Class with a 01:11.578 with his always ready to go Subaru Impreza WRX. For those still reading, I should note that I’m not documenting every car or time, but if you had the opportunity to come check out a GTA event, you can see how all of this stuff unfolds and how fast things can change from one driver to the other. So before I jump into the talk of the event, there is notable mention in the Pro/Comp Category, after session after session Elliott Skeer took out the Superlite SL-C with his Porsche GT3 Cup Car placing him in 1st and record in class with a 01:04.066 leaving that awesome car out, that I thought would rule the event.

Well William of PZ Tuning did make it, and on the Day 2 after 10 plus hours of a trip from Canada, him and Alex Vonghay unloaded the Vibrant Honda Civic Si and unleashed it out on the track. First session was without a Front Hood due to some other story involved with it, and it was still on it’s way from Canada. But William “Time Killer” Au-Yeung sent it with full on tilt and killed the previous Production Car Record with an astounding 00:59.819!! Which to give you a sense of how fast that is, the only vehicle faster then Williams Civic would be a Formula Atlantic Open Wheel Race Car known as the Swift 014.a powered by a Toyota 4AGE and driven by John Thompson back in 2008 who has the overall Track Record at a 00:58.630. Which is not to far from Williams time, and I believe with a few more sessions, the Honda Civic could have possibly taken it. Either way it didn’t happen and we all went to the podium with champagne bottles popping and having a blast. It truly was a East Coast Party, and only time will tell if there will be another Global Time Attack NJMP Event in the future. But Hopefully in 2019! -Rommel Estrada #racecarsalways