The expectations were high for me, as days ago a post on the GTA Facebook Group page was stated Roy Narvaez saying he will make it rain with a $10k stack of hundreds if he podiums, but only if he doesn’t get sprayed on with Champagne. Pretty easy to do right, and with people knowing Roy as the person he is, and a very giving guy, I figured yeah he would probably do it. Right away thoughts in my mind of how badly I wanted to get the Motolyric Race Car going these past months, I knew this could be my ticket on some free money. From the night before, till my drive up to Willow Springs Raceway I could smell the cash and wondering where, and how am I gonna pull this off. Making sure I keep an eye on him and be prepared to grab as many 100’s I can when it goes down. But first I had to take care of business and capture the fast cars attending. 

Again linked up with Speed District, Global Time Attack had a roster of time attack cars from the regulars to some new ones I haven’t seen. In Limited RWD coming also from the state of Arizona, was Marc Dillmore with a Lexus IS300 from Neuron Motorsports. I believe this was his first GTA event, and although he wasn’t the fastest in his class, he managed a 1:51.352. In the same class, Michael Donnelly, who I happen to follow on Instagram, finally makes his debut with his Monster looking Miata of Zestino Racing/Gasophere. I follow this guy, because his Miata has that Desert tan paint look that I love and that goes oh so well with his Enkei RPF1’s. Shodded in Zestino rubbers, custom wing, and aero throughout, he took 3rd place with a 1:39.430. But the highlight of the day was witnessed on the very first session. Markos Mylonas in the Street AWD Class took out his Snail Performance Subaru WRX #555 out after throwing up due to a stomach illness. Clocking in a fastest 1:24.887 which secured him not only a 1st place podium, but breaking the record held by another GTA Competitor Mark Jager. Although his joy was seen throughout the pits, unfortunately for him, the entire day left him in his beach chair trying to gain strength back from either food poisoning or a stomach flu. Interestingly enough, Markos wasn’t the only one breaking records that day. Brett Smrz also broke the Unlimited RWD record with his Trinity Autosport BMW E36 M3 with a 1:25.302, and Efrain Flores the guy known for his Scion TC that runs in Limited FWD, took 1st place, and the Enthusiast FWD record with a 1:38.796 in his Flores Racing Ford Fiesta ST.

In the end, Roy did end up showering us with that $10k stack of hundreds and we all flocked like a buncha rabid pigeons fighting over bread scraps at the local park. Once the dust settled, we looked and started feeling the money and as quickly as we got that excitement of joy, it was qucikly changed to a “mutherfucker look” Lol.. -Rommel Estrada #racinghelmetclub