Fast Cars and Beautiful Models – Here’s a small recap of our “Nissan Race Shop x Motolyric” Photoshoot.. The Main Powerhouse of the Shoot was Aaron Singh of “Tarmac Garage” Lovely Mad Silvia S14, featured not to long ago here on Motolyric it has completely moved up some notches and has some cool additions before the BIG Fontana Nissan Meet 5. The Race Car is almost complete and ready to rock, next to it are the Sweet and Cool Females “Ashley Clark” and “Amanda Kerr” making the whole visual aspect to die for.

Byron Yoshida was the Main Photographer and executed some Classy Photos that you can find on “Facebook Byron Yoshida Photography” 

Nicolas Zamabrano was the Videographer who supplemented us a Behind the Scenes Video that you can also find on “Ososik Youtube Channel”

Special Thanks to Scott Vanderheide and Kerryann De la Boost for the Opportunity and Choosing Motolyric for this shoot and choosing us as the Premier Photographers of “Fontana Nissan Meet 5” Yeah this is the Couple that races and you can check out there Killer Funny Clips on “Scott and Kerryann”

It’s been an interesting year for us and it’s moments like this that I always want to remember. Motolyric is now at a turning point in capturing the Fast Cars we want to shoot, either on the track or off we want to showcase our work to the world and everyone that supports us. If you haven’t noticed the Show Scene in our Gallery is very small, we hardly do shows, or certain parked car only shoots. Not that we don’t like it, and in the near future we will more likely do something with that part of the Industry. But we Love Fast Cars and simply that’s it, hard to digest for some and I always have stated that if my heart is not in it, it becomes difficult to capture cars in general.

As Motolyric grows and continues to progress into a Motoring Brand, the amount of events, featured cars, or any car cultured thing keeps appearing. It’s a great thing to know that the Car Culture Economy is rising back up, manufacturers are building cool cars again like the FR-S and more companies or individuals are networking together. Just like any succesful company it doesn’t just become great because of one person, but the people that help bring it there.

Since 2010 until the beginning of this year I was the only person of Motolyric, Founder, Photographer, Manager, etc.  You can say I pretty much did it all, and it was tough but I loved everything about it. I mean Cars is my Life and the Culture of Racing that goes with it is the icing on the cake for me. Then a friend who I’ve been following on Facebook since his start in photography Byron Yoshida of “Byron Yoshida Photography” brought some attention to my eyes, he clearly had a certain style I liked and through the past several months we have worked together on events. As an Artist I have stuck to my ways and my Artisitic Photography since day one, and yes I’ve adjusted a little here and there, but I never stray from it. With that being said it was only bound to happen that I start adding contributors, Byron was the First person I addeed and even though he still runs his business it’s his style and mindset that I’m Honored to have him. If you want to see some cool photos of just about anything, especially Models? Check his work out on 


Another Cool addition and again someone I’ve known and admired through his Videography through the years is Nicolas Zambrano of “Ososik Media” who helps provide some of the coolest videos you’ll ever see in our scene. Matter of fact Nick was the First Videographer who produced our very First Video. With an unorthodox style of skill he manages to bring the audience together with life in motion in every single video. If you Support Motolyric then Check out “Ososik Media” on

Location: Auto Club Speedway – Fontana Nissan Race Shop x Motolyric – For event details go to “Fontana Nissan Meet 5” or “Facebook Fontana Nissan Meet 5”

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