Before we head out to our favorite event of the year, which is Global Time Attack x Formula D Road Atlanta in the next few weeks. We just finalized the first Motolyric New Era Hat, that will be available for a limited time, and in our store starting “May 1st”. So make sure to cop one before you head out to Road Atlanta, or before they are all gone. But in the next few weeks, we’ll be following up with the cars and drivers through social media on their progress and journey to GTA Road Atlanta. 

Round 2 we headed back to Buttonwillow to witness some more Global Time Attack. Shared with Speed District, this event was nothing short of great machinery. While trying to keep my eyes focused on the Time Attack Cars, the Speed District crowd surely brought out lot’s of Porsches that day. Ranging from Cayman GT4 Clubsports to the latest and greatest GT3’s it was a day of clean runs and new blood, as some mishaps happened but overall it was a fast day. The GTA crowd showed up with some regulars like the Subie’s from Snail Performance, and the Caliber Customs guys Sean with his beautiful red Vette, and that mean looking LS Swap E36. But it was Unlimited RWD and Enthusiast RWD that showed more competition than the others. Taking 1st place in Enthusiast RWD was Chris Reber and his Evolution Tire & Wheel Ford Mustang with a 2:.00.252, followed by Hessam Toudiee with his Rules of Traction BMW M3 2:03.079, and our very own Mike Kang from Counter Space Garage doing a 2:04.087 with a Subaru BRZ. For Unlimited RWD a (Never been seen before) BMW M3 from Trinity Autosport piloted by Brett Smrz did a 1:50.085 still using a BMW powerplant. Followed by Sean Cagle doing a 1:50.343 in his new Murica themed (LOVE IT!) Chevrolet Corvette from Caliber Customs, and topping off 3rd place was Bassam Michiel with a 1:50.363, LS Swapped BMW E36, also from Caliber Customs.

Some honorable mentions, Unlimted FWD had a solo competitor, Justin Wesseling came out and did a 1:52.938 with his Circuit Dreams Honda Civic. Quickest times of the day came from 1st place Pro/Comp Record Holder Steven Aghakhani with a blistering 1:40.742 in his Lamborghini Super Trofeo, and in Unlimited AWD David Haagsma’s SP Engineering Nissan GTR who busted a 1:42.258. With only a few weeks to go, we know a few drivers and their cars putting together pieces of what’s needed to get to Road Atlanta. We just hope to see another sold out event as usual, see you all in the South. -Rommel Estrada #brophotoforever

For all the times and positions in each class CLICK HERE.

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