Another weekend another Drift Day. I think not, more like a Drift Weekend and More Drift Days!! Following after the Formula D Finale is this little gathering, I’m not sure calling it small sums it up, but anyways all the way at Willow Springs the Good boys at Just Drift have been holding Drift Events here annually almost every month at this sacred track of fame. Also the Same weekend the Global Time Attack is making a return it was obvious when arriving that morning which event had the numbers. As much as I love Time Attack, you can’t deny the amount of traffic going on at the All-Star Bash that weekend. From Entry Level Drifters to Formula D Pro’s the track was filled with excitement and tire shredding.

If you have been to a Formula D event such as Irwindale or Long Beach you can say that it’s very similar except without the politics. The cool thing is when you arrive, it’s totally like a Backyard BBQ with everyone chilling out and having fun. No Must haves or Must do’s just great people mashing it with everyone. Even as a Spectator you could admire the atmosphere as one group is wrenching it out and sharing weekend stories, then look to your right and see Justin Pawlak shooting out flames with his FC chasing down a No-Name Drifter.

I honestly can’t tell you much to say how and who was there but I’ll say this. If you Love Drifting, or if you Love the comradery of people that are in the Drifting Community, then you must attend the Next All-Star Bash in 2014. Always scheduled after Formula Drift’s Finale, it is a Great Experience, and the proffesionalism that Just Drift does to hold such an event is Top Notch. As always I’ll let the Photos do the Talking and see more of the Photos I captured Here —>¬†All Star Bash 2013 Album

-Rommel Estrada #motolyric #thisiscarculture #racecarsrule #driftcarsrule #thisisdriftculture #dontletoff #motolyricdrift #justdrift