The feeling of knowing you’ll be late to an event kinda sucks, but knowing it is one of your favorite events of the year could’ve been a catastrophe. Luckily, as fate interferes with reality, I somehow managed to get to Day 2 of Round 1 in the Global Time Attack Pro Championship x Road Atlanta. What I had planned for this event and Formula D was totally different from what I ended up with, knowing that more teams and cars were going to make it at this event I was overly excited to see it all. I wanted to capture new cars, teams, and the shenanigans. I mean really wanted to live this one up, I even had plans to visit this dope BBQ spot my friend Kyle Lewis aka Brophoto introduced me to last year. But as all good things thought of or planned, sometimes it turns out a whole other way.

So I landed on Friday afternoon at 4pm instead of Friday morning at 6am, which leaves me some action left of Formula D since I lost the whole damn day, and maybe capture some behind the scenes stuff in the pits at the GTA Paddock. Keep in mind Road Atlanta is about 1-2 hours away from the airport depending on east coast traffic. Thanks to the app world we live in “Waze” got me on the track in an hour and 10 mins. So it’s about 6pm and I start to shoot what I can, as predicted the GTA drivers and what’s left of the crews were there getting down and dirty still for the next and final day. Thank God I see people and I don’t feel left out. Tony Fuentes, who came all the way from California with his boosted S2000 unfortunately suffered some mishaps on day 1. Not just any easy to fix issue either, but a blown head gasket. Luckily, with the help of friends and others he got the culprit head gasket out and re-assembled everything back in time for the next day. But that wasn’t the end of the bad stories either, along with several other drivers, including another driver from the west, Taylor Wilson from the AZ, representing his Blue Subaru WRX for Snail Performance unfortunately succumbed to an engine failure on one of their last practice laps. This was a car I’ve been following and wanted so badly to capture at this legendary track it unfortunately didn’t happen and for all things that happen for a reason. Taylor managed to keep a smile on for the rest of the GTA family and stayed for the rest of the event.

Saturday came around and still what a showing of variety. Just to name a few, FD Driver Danny George came back out with his LS powered Miata and some fresh aero, surprisingly even with some small demons, he managed a 1:32.548 and placing 3rd in the Unlimited RWD Class. Also one of our Canadian Track Hookers William Au-Yeung of Point Zero came down with a Honda Civic Si to compete and placed 1st in the Unlimited FWD Class. But as with all stories I don’t want to repeat a broken record here, and although I would like to give you more detail with what else happened and what I found out, I can only let the photos do the talking. But if you would like the final results and links to the stories from other media outlets click here > All in all this event still clearly made my weekend. As with all Global Time Attack events you will find some of the most interesting people in the Time Attack Industry, and some. Thank you Jason Dienhart and the GTA staff for having me witness another awesome one. – Rommel Estrada #timeattack #globaltimeattack #wearetimeattack #motolyric #trackhookers