Usually around this time I’m putting all the events together in the Calendar section. Mostly the ones I will be attending and shooting photos. Some I cannot make but are the ones I strongly recommend to the fans to race or just even attend. Every year a new list of events fills up social media and being the only person representing Motolyric from beginning to end. It can become a challenge when trying to choose which ones you want to go to. Fortunately for the Motor Sports Industry there has been a lot of activity, almost every weekend has an event here in So-Cal or even across the US.

Thanks to Facebook, events come across my feed instantaneously and especially if one or more of your friends are talking about one, it catches your eye. Especially if your all time favorite type of cars plan to attend. Well, sure enough, I got invited to attend Team Topak Racing’s event, at first I was thinking it to be a very small event with a few AE86’s including my friends Zenia, Cedu, Feras, and Ron, but it turned out to be even better. Ran into a lot of old friends and some I haven’t seen since I tracked back in the day which is pretty rare. Lol. Stayed for as long as I could, capturing some tastefully modded cars, mostly the 86 variety and whatever I could shoot at.

What amazed me about this event and the people that run it, is the organization through and through. So much enthusiasm among everyone attending and a very good understanding of the track can be seen on how they managed the sessions. I spoke to several competitors that day and they said nothing but great things about why they choose to run Team Topak Racing Event’s. After attending my first one, I surely will try to make the next one. Till next time, enjoy the photos I took that day. – Rommel Estrada #86partybrigade #motolyric #trackhookers #teamtopakracing