As you already know the long anticipated 24 Hours of Le Mans aka 24 Heures du Mans will be going down this weekend. If you have never watched it, or have but don’t know what to look at or need some help understanding. Below are the spotter guides for this year’s eventful race. 

As always I usually take a look at the teams, drivers, and evaluate the cars. For years I’ve always been a Team Corvette fan for the GT classes, obviously working with Chevrolet for almost 15 years kind of rubs off on you. But it’s not just that, it’s also because the work ethic of the crew and staff have always been great to watch. So I’ll still be rooting for them, however a friend and local USA Driver by the name of Billy Johnson got himself a seat in one of four Team Chip Ganassi Racing Ford GT’s! Seeing him through the years in time attack events, and racing in general has got me leaning towards his car alone. Lol. He’ll be joining 2 other drivers in the #66 Car.

As for LMP1, I was never set on one particular team, but truly rooted for the Toyota Teams in the past, especially the return in 1998 with the beautiful GT-ONE which I still admire with awe today. Although the Audi’s and Porsche’s have definitely been conquering the past years, and I have to admit they are not to be slept on, it’s going to be interesting to watch this class, and I hope it doesn’t end up a sweep or some weird win by default.

So I predict a Toyota win for 2016,  and my reasoning would be based on the #5 car being driven partially by Sebastian Buemi the former Torro Rosso Formula One Driver. Something about F1 drivers coming on board to endurance racing cars seem to be doing well lately, and if last years win by Nico Hulkenberg another F1 driver wasn’t proof then keep a look out for Mark Webber in the #1 Porsche.

Lastly be on the look out for the #33 car of Eurasia Motorsport in LMP2. As this will be the first Car and Team to be representing the Philippines competing against the World. -Rommel Estrada