The stroked, poked, cammed, pushrod and just V8 gathered at the first V8 Builds event for some fun on the track, and to show a little of what they got in the paddock. Presented by Air Flow Research, the well known Head company had some interesting machinery on deck, while showcasing a few products and supporting the love of all things V8. While I heard about the event several weeks prior, I had other arrangements to attend and shoot another event. But the other guy in me wanted to see some torquey machines do some laps at one of my favorite tracks, Streets of Willow to be exact.

Although there wasn’t a huge turnout, or lines to be had, it surely was an interesting event to see. Camaro’s, Mustangs, and some V8 swapped Datsun’s made up for lot’s of smiles. There was a great feeling of downright cool individuals attending and socializing among the attendees, while I was eavesdropping and catching up with a few friends. I did enjoy the different scenery of fast cars, not just imports or sport specific machines at the events I’m usually at, but cars that made me question my other-half since I use to own a mustang, a V8 swapped Toyota Pickup, a K5 Blazer, and worked for Chevrolet for almost 15 years. All in all, the event was a great start for more to come, and to see the same passion among the drivers that I would see at other events makes the experience that much more worth it.

Thank you to the event staff, crew, and everyone involved for making this a safe and fun event. I look forward to the next one. -Rommel Estrada #v8builds #torquelife