Another year another Drifting event. 2013 Marks the End of a Drifting Decade. Formula DRIFT has been sliding slideways across the country with memorable experiences since 2003, although their first event was in 2004 at Road Atlanta it was never easy for the growth, and for Drifting to get as Big as it is now, wouldn’t be possbile if it wasn’t for everyone involved. With the Formula D staff always working hard to make these events killer, it’s also the media, the sponsors, and all the fans that help make it grow.

Fast forward to 2013 and at this Last event for the season, it really has taken a whole new perspective on how Drifting sums up to other motorsports. The Finale was another Sold Out Event that brought the atmosphere live, being there is a whole different story. Seeing the mass amounts of people come from all walks of life really just shows how much we’ve grown. Starting Friday I walked the pits and talked to familiar people and new friends as always, capturing different parts of this story was already interesting. Most of the Cameras and media where following Michael Essa around and in his pit observing everything his team where doing. On the other part of the Pits Joon Maeng was giving handshakes to his fans, and across the way Kyle Mohan was talking to his crew about their car. Almost every team had it’s routine flowing and they we’re working, probably just like me and my peers asking the same question. Will Michael Essa take the Championship?

By now Mike is leading in points and just as long as he stayed in it till after the top 16 he would already be crowned and take home his First Formula Drift Championship Trophy. Amongst the pit area other drivers are just talking about the day and other things, seeing their laughter and joy just goes to show that Drifting is still fun, even in competition.

Saturday comes and it’s the Last day, the lines extending out far into the parking lot and the cars filling all the open space. Food from the Vendors are packed and all the Vendors got lines of enthusiasts crowding around. The weather was perfect, and everyone was just as anticipated as I was. The first round of eliminations went down fast, with Mike Essa still in it after the Break they started the Top 32. What seemed like seconds was actually long minutes of what just happened. Michael Essa and Luke Pakula both privateers just came back from there Tandem tango, and Mike’s BMW M3 stalls. I go over to hear it out and he starts banging on the steering wheel. The car won’t start and almost everyone’s face was in awe. This means the runner up in points who was Chris Forsberg all he had to do was beat a few other drivers and he will be crowned Champion. People where running around and it was all like a Movie, like the one thing that could happen, actually happened. Mike Essa knew it and it was dramatic, all in minutes the tables have turned, now the other part of the Story with Luke I’m not to familiar with but some will say he could have gone forward, and some have said he couldn’t. Whatever happened and what took place I cannot tell you because I don’t know, but from all the media and posts around the web it trickles down to so many different possiblities. But here at Motolyric we don’t want to talk about the drama, because it’s not in our nature, but Forsberg moved up beating Odi Backchis, and ending his reign against Daigo Saito.

In the End Michael Essa was crowned 2013 Champion. No matter how you look at it Formula DRIFT 2013 was epic, and being part of it is truly an Honor.