In a World of Fast Cars and Insane Builds, the few that stand out are usually against the normal route that most would take when building a Car Project. A majority of drivers, racers, or drifters have built from what was done before and work with a similar path to create something personalized to their style. The Famous quote “Why Re-invent the Wheel” is commonly associated with the would be next in line Racers. Although some few, and very small percent challenge that saying with “Why Not” and Aaron Singh of Rancho Cucamonga is one of that minut percentile who has been at this Car Building game for some time. Currently Owner and Founder of Tarmac Garage he started back in the 90’s with many various cars, and builds, including a Subaru STI who he still currently owns is just some that he will be adding to his roster.

Although building a Car or any machine for a purpose usually means how far do you want to go and how much effort are you willing to use. But realistically you build towards rules, regulations and a Goal. Most Racing series have these in place to keep the sport regulated and most importantly to keep it fair. Time Attack is one growing Motorsport that continues to bring Fresh Cars every year. What was once just a specific Location only event, Time Attack Events are popping up everywhere all over the nation and aligning with the Rest of the World. Also almost every weekend there is a Time Attack Event going down somewhere at some track.
The S14 aka Silvia you see here is One Machine that plans to go Unlimited, with intentions of actually staying with an SR20DET through the years it started as a Legit JDM S-Chassis with matching numbers, Aaron started building the car for Street use and Occasional Drift Sessions on the weekends. As time progressed he started Road Racing the Car in some Time Attack Events and with every chance, parts where changed or upgraded, same with the look of the car. From Purple, to Black and some 2-tone and now it’s Final Color is True Red from the Mazda Speed 3 Palette, and of course just like many, it’s been through many sets of wheels and so many changes but it’s possible that this could be it’s Final Rendition.
As with any Car Feature you would get a list of mods, parts and many other things as we go along, but this One is Different just like the Car you see, and in all honesty we caught Aaron and his beloved Silvia during the final stages of his build. Which means some or not all parts are there, and there could be more sponsors that is not official at this time. So why did we even feature this car? Well as we stated going the same route as everyone is not in our taste, just like Aaron his original plans where swayed and challenged when he started going this route. Take example the Heart of the Beast which is a LS1 V8 coupled by a Built T56 and finalized by a R200 Rear End. Anyone and their Mom knows that these 3 Items are not your usual findings in most Imports, let alone a Nissan Silvia. Unless of course your in the Drift scene where the LS V8 swap is more plentiful than ever, but we are talking a different breed here. Chasing the Clock requires not just power and most importantly parts, but the combination of all of them working together with the Driver to set that Special Time. The Suspension Duties come from a proven set of KW Variants Type 3’s, SPL Arms, SPL Subframe, and SPL Lockout. Toyo Tires are the Chosen Meats but are not on the Car yet. The Interior is basic Bride Seats, Nardi Wheel and Autometer Guages. All the Fuel, Brake, and Radiator Lines where properly handled by Lucky Duck Auto. Moving our way back to the Heart, the LS1 has a Built Bottom End, Heads, and Internals. Currently using Garrett’s to push some wasted air the array of what captures the eye when looking at this car is the work of Jason Noren of Jason Noren Fabrications. The plumbing is phenomenal and what has captured the attention of those who have seen the teaser photos posted all over the web including our Facebook “Like Page is the reason we are really here to see, the detail of the work speaks for itself, from the welds to the joints it’s absolute gear head Narnia in our book. Jason Noren also has worked on various builds in the scene and not to limited to anything, the Jungle Gym is also his work and upon closer look you can see how his mind works with the flow of the car. An art piece with a solution for speed, it’s also made with safety in mind. After all is said and done Tuning was carried out by Ryne of Cunningham Motorsports where the final tuning is still on it’s last stages.
We honestly can’t wait to see this car run, and pull some numbers, looking like the Mad Machine it is, we can only hope that it proves to be a Legend. As I stated earlier the easy route or the most commonly used path to building cars is a safe one and still a great way to create something and still be different, it’s the builds that truly go another route soley for the challenge of making something that has not been done before is what we really see very interesting and unique. I know there are many who probably can state certain cars that are running right now that have the same or close enough build to this car. But after an evaluation this build has been going on for some time and is actually the First to Incorporate the Twin Turbo LS V8 Setup in a S-Chassis. I could be wrong, but Aaron is not your average Racer, he is on a budget not small, and not big but an average man’s budget, which as we all know takes time. We don’t blame him for taking his time and we surely only wish to keep him going to finish the last pieces of the puzzle so we can do a Part 2 and 3 Feature.
So is the Car running? No not yet, matter of fact it will be sooner then you think. What Horsepower numbers and specs can we expect or find out? Your guess is as good as mine and for the time being it is also not finalized since Upgrading the Turbos is still a possibility. What events will this car be racing at? Redline Time Attack is the direction and in the Unlimited Class due the Builds Structure.
Aaron Singh would Like to say a Special Thanks currently to Jason Noren of Jason Noren Fabrications, Ryne of Cunningham Motorsports, Lucky Duck Auto for the Lines, Toyo Tires, Sparco USA, and Nissan Race Shop.
“I want the Buttonwillow Record”  -Aaron Singh
“This is Car Culture, Don’t Let Off”!  -Rommel/Motolyric
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