More like a million, but that would be over exaggerating. The estimated number in attendance was about 25,000 plus people and maybe more. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see and meet everyone as I planned. I mean I flew all the way from L.A. to Newark, then to Virgina shuttled out to get my rental car, and drove another hour and a half to find this so called Drag Racing Gem also known as WCF Imports vs Domestics.

In its 19th year, this one (my first one ) did not disappoint at all. Friends and fans have been telling us to come and with the World Famous SEMA on the same week at this event we have always gone to Vegas it being closer and from history SEMA Week in Vegas has been a party of a lifetime. But I opted out and decided to take a chance and head over to Maryland International Raceway to see these Drag Racing Monsters from all over the World Battle for supremacy. Haltech Engine Management Systems were the Main event sponsor and they didn’t have any of their Austrailian Drag Cars that we would have liked to have seen, but that might change in 2015. As with every race event comes the Custom Car Show, a Bikini Contest, which I didn’t get a chance to see, but can’t blame anyone since the temps where in the 30’s during the day and dropped into the 20’s at night! The Huge Vendor Midway had the proper stuff, parts galore, apparel, and a Live DJ!

But I didn’t come all the way from the other coast to see Parked cars and Models. Upon arrival I quickly went on track and started catching 6-7 second Starlets and Mustangs, while trying to see what’s going on for the day. Since I arrived late around 11am I wasn’t going to try to miss any of the fast cars, an hour goes by and one car right after the other was faster than I thought. No Bracket classes or fun runs here, this event was for the Pros and the ones trying to take their crowns from them. Although there were 3 Index Classes, they had to run the schedule tight due to the large attendance on all levels. If you arrived late you had to walk about a mile before entering the gate, it was that packed. I was told the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger every year and why not, I mean this Drag Strip is in the middle of nowhere and who would come all the way here for this event. But I now know why, other than the Baddest Cars, and cool people, the Staff and Event Holders of the World Cup Finals are truly a league of professionals. I don’t know who’s who but even from the email confirmation to the gate personal I was taken care of and explained about everything I needed to know. I asked questions and they answered, and that was a fraction of the great first impression I had. After having gone to many Drag Racing Events (mostly in So-Cal) track staff are usually grouchy and for us import car guys they give us the shrug. Not here, everyone import or domestic, and whatever culture you came from, you were treated equally and with respect. No favoritism or telling people one thing and the other different, boy was I impressed. But what topped it off for me was the amount of Track Prep these people do, I mean HOLY-SHIT! Car breaks at the 60-ft and all hands on deck. The crew jumps all in and start taking care of business, and no quick wipe downs here, they literally prep the 1320 ft of real estate like an NHRA Championship event and then some. I thought it was ridiculous at first, but this is why even our West Coast Racers will spend days to drive cross country to be here. Coat after Coat of VHT and double checking almost every square inch they get down and make sure you got zero excuses going down the track and by all means 100% pure safety.

The Biggest talk of the weekend was Zoian Racing’s 2JZ Powered Lexus that hit a 6.05 at 235mph that Saturday making it the quickest Import Race Car this side of the world. Matching E. Kanoo Racing’s Outlaw Supra from the Middle East at also a 6.05 but a higher 240mph and if only seeing both these cars battle would be a dream. Of course E. Kanoo was not in attendance to witness, I’m sure he heard it the second it happened probably woke him up in the middle of the night since he’s in a different time zone. Maybe next year? The Rotary crowd was strong as always, mainly from Puerto Rico they showcased the signature Flame throwing sessions all day long. From the Domestics side Mark Carlyle with his Garrett Twin Turbo Powered C6 made it all the way through an army of imports and defeating Jose Mendez and his 6-second Corolla to collect $5k in the ATI Performance Products Radial vs. Modified. But the Winner of the Main Mickey Thompson Outlaw vs Extreme was Joe Newham and his Beautiful Twin Turbo Fox-Body Mustang Coupe. Last year the Imports took it all and it looked like the Domestics came back with a Vengeance, wishing I could have stayed a lot longer and see more of what I wanted to, I surely will have to make more time in 2015. As much as I want to write more, Motolyric has always been a Visual Content source so I’ll let the photos do all the talking. So enjoy the story in each photo that can possibly bring you here next year if you haven’t been. Lastly, much props to Chris Miller and the Miller Family for bringing the BEST Drag Racing event, I have ever been to so far and the many more I will attend too. Thank you for what you do for our Race Car Culture. -Rommel Estrada #motolyric #dragstars #wcf #importvsdomestic