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Pirelli World Challenge Streets of Long Beach 2015

By |May 22nd, 2015|

PWC – Pork With Cheese, actually as you know it’s the Pirelli World Challenge. This year was unexpected and with high hopes of seeing the Real Time Racing Acuras Podium, it wasn’t their weekend or anybody’s for that matter. A majority of people confuse these Race Cars with the IMSA or TUDOR Championship cars that happened to be there that same awesome weekend in Long Beach. But a totally different set of rules, classes and though the cars do resemble similarities just think of these fine Race Machines a little more classed. With 7 different classes, it was the GT, GTA and GT Cup Cars that traded paint on the Streets of Long Beach that weekend. […]

41st Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 2015

By |May 16th, 2015|

A little late to the party on this post, but enough time for some small talk. The Verizon Indycar Series has been coming back on a rise after some progressive interest from fans all over. Not to be confused with Formula One where the stage is set Worldwide, the Series only takes place in the USA. With a total of 16 races in one season only 4 tracks including the Historical known Grand Prix of Long Beach are street circuits. Growing up I was always a little confused with the difference between Indycar and Formula 1, since both platforms are single-seat machines I figured they where the same. Only until 1989 I started to understand the difference as I gained more interest and eventually becoming a Ayrton Senna fan. But I never grew any interest towards Indy Cars, and I don’t know why but I can assume that it was the differences in the sounds and quite possibly because my uncle who is a huge car nut was the one that gravitated me towards Formula 1. […]

What an Experience – TUDOR Championship Streets of Long Beach 2015

By |May 1st, 2015|

In the enthusiast world of motoring there are several pinnacle series of racing we all follow or look up to as the cream of the crop. For me, it’s always has been Formula One and the GT Cars all over the World. Particularly the 24 Heures du Mans overseas, the cars look so interesting that you start to pick at it from the roof to the wheels, to even the bolts holding down the seat. From the manufacturer to the personnel everything involved has a reason. Totally functional in all ways more than one, but also very stylish as form does follow from it. But it’s the cars overall result that do the talking and make the statement with what they represent. […]

Pit Side – VTEC Club USA Round 3

By |April 8th, 2015|

With the growth of time attack events nationwide, we are seeing more and more events catering to the demographics of car culture. VTEC Club USA has been something that I’ve been following lately and the type of cars and people are always fresh. Being a multiple Honda owner for years there is something about the cars and people that are part of it that make it exciting. I mean the motors are great and the dependability of these machines is hard to beat. But everyone and their mom knows they know that already. So what is it that Honda people have or do that has given them the smiles and love for the cars they drive?  […]

Featured Contributor: Jordan Adkins

By |September 19th, 2013|

In a Fast Paced world of everything and anything we want now and here with results, the Photography Industry has become a huge network of so many people popping out of the woodwork. With Social Media common in all areas it is almost impossible not to get noticed or in some cases followed if you have the Talent or Skill to provide something unique. Now I haven’t been in the game that long to say that for sure but for as long as I’ve been shooting and capturing stories, I’ve seen many photographers come and go, but regardless and in my eyes all are talented in their own way. […]

Motolyric Skate Decks

By |September 7th, 2013|

An idea I’ve had for some time and something I felt was missing. Since we are a Art Photography based brand I realized seeing art photos on more than just prints and canvases and showcasing them on something else was bound to happen. The very first one was done with a Friend and Race Car Driver Ken Suen of Ken Suen Racing/Godspeed Racing, this was our first test and with good response it was a hit, so we are in the process of making more with Ken’s car along with many others. Being that said we figured we make a another set with our recent collaboration Nissan Race Shop for the upcoming Fontan Nissan Meet 5. So using the same photos I’ve captured Scott Vanderheide’s Time Attack Sentra and Aaron Singh’s Tarmac Garage Silvia I decided to make a total of 8 Exclusive Motolyric Skate Decks!! […]