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Featured Contributor: Jordan Adkins

By |September 19th, 2013|

In a Fast Paced world of everything and anything we want now and here with results, the Photography Industry has become a huge network of so many people popping out of the woodwork. With Social Media common in all areas it is almost impossible not to get noticed or in some cases followed if you have the Talent or Skill to provide something unique. Now I haven’t been in the game that long to say that for sure but for as long as I’ve been shooting and capturing stories, I’ve seen many photographers come and go, but regardless and in my eyes all are talented in their own way. […]

Motolyric Skate Decks

By |September 7th, 2013|

An idea I’ve had for some time and something I felt was missing. Since we are a Art Photography based brand I realized seeing art photos on more than just prints and canvases and showcasing them on something else was bound to happen. The very first one was done with a Friend and Race Car Driver Ken Suen of Ken Suen Racing/Godspeed Racing, this was our first test and with good response it was a hit, so we are in the process of making more with Ken’s car along with many others. Being that said we figured we make a another set with our recent collaboration Nissan Race Shop for the upcoming Fontan Nissan Meet 5. So using the same photos I’ve captured Scott Vanderheide’s Time Attack Sentra and Aaron Singh’s Tarmac Garage Silvia I decided to make a total of 8 Exclusive Motolyric Skate Decks!! […]

MAZFEST 2013 x Extreme Speed Track Events Part 2

By |August 31st, 2013|

Summer Days and Summer Nights both are starting to become the same, although us So-Cal residents rather have the Summer Nights, part of living here in Cali is absorbing the melting pot of the weather in all forms. August 24th 2013 marked the return of MAZFEST a gathering of all things Mazda. Also known to be the Premier Mazda Only Track Day and Festival it drew in people from all parts of the West Coast and also being an annual event every year it continues to grow and bring in new and larger crowds. This year teamed up with Extreme Speed Track Events they held it at the West Coast Famous Willow Springs International Raceway, combined with Show Cars and Race Cars it was a great expereience overall. […]

The Nissans Are Coming!!

By |August 29th, 2013|

Ten more Days and one of So-Cal’s favorite events is the Annual Fontana Nissan Meet scheduled to take place on September 8th. This year without a doubt has been anticipated from Nissan Owners all over, from the forums to social media the news is spreading to even as far as other neighboring states. Expecting it to be the Largest yet, Fontana Nissan’s Scott Vanderheide and staff realized that every year it keeps getting bigger and bigger so with Last year it being so overcrowded that even a Full Nissan Car Dealership couldn’t house all of them, they made 2013 the first move to be held in Fontana’s Famous Race Track “Auto Club Speedway”. […]

Motolyric Going Forward

By |August 25th, 2013|

As an Exclusive Brand to those who share the same passion for cars. We are being stapled as a Racing Car Culture that supports and captures just that and the lifestyle around it. From the beginning, I wanted to build a Brand that shares passion and love for everything we do but always towards the Motoring Life. Afterall doing what you Love should always stay true and living in a world of interesting things, it’s only natural for us to like many other things. Sometimes when we go through our daily lives we test other avenues to see what else is out there and in some cases we build another passion or even turn that into our main, that’s just part of being human. […]

Behind the Scenes of the Nissan Race Shop x Motolyric Photoshoot

By |August 23rd, 2013|

Fast Cars and Beautiful Models – Here’s a small recap of our “Nissan Race Shop x Motolyric” Photoshoot.. The Main Powerhouse of the Shoot was Aaron Singh of “Tarmac Garage” Lovely Mad Silvia S14, featured not to long ago here on Motolyric it has completely moved up some notches and has some cool additions before the BIG Fontana Nissan Meet 5. The Race Car is almost complete and ready to rock, next to it are the Sweet and Cool Females “Ashley Clark” and “Amanda Kerr” making the whole visual aspect to die for. […]