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RCO #004 – “Time Attack Formula” Mark Jager’s always evolving Subaru STI

By |May 19th, 2016|

In 2016 the Time Attack world continues to grow. With cars being built by not just one person anymore, but by a group of like-minded people that have the same passion and goal. With shops, tuners, and Industry companies involving themselves with these cars, the recognition is becoming apparent.

Not to long ago, a enthusiast from the desert of California got hooked on a track day, and just went from zero to more. Mark Jager not only had a passion for cars, but a willingness to succeed to a racing career. Having already purchased a Subaru STI, he was doing some drag racing at the now defunct LACR, but found more. Staying active with his local track, Willow Springs International Raceway. He started to gain more interest in Time Attack and progress within the ranks. […]

86 Party Brigade – Team Topak Racing SOW

By |February 15th, 2016|

Usually around this time I’m putting all the events together in the Calendar section. Mostly the ones I will be attending and shooting photos. Some I cannot make but are the ones I strongly recommend to the fans to race or just even attend. Every year a new list of events fills up social media and being the only person representing Motolyric from beginning to end. It can become a challenge when trying to choose which ones you want to go to. Fortunately for the Motor Sports Industry there has been a lot of activity, almost every weekend has an event here in So-Cal or even across the US. […]

Going Forward – Global Time Attack x Speed District WSIR 2015

By |September 29th, 2015|

The year and season is coming to an end sooner than we think. Unfortunately for some of us, the winter season brings a small break, but not enough to hold us down or stop us from doing what we love. Global Time Attack continues to grow moving forward, with more events locally and nationwide. If there’s a reason why more and more racers are flocking to these events, it’s because of the community it brings together. Organized and completely fun, Speed District joins forces with GTA and comes in to support another group of drivers. […]

Flash Flood – Global Time Attack x Speed District RD. 3 2015

By |July 29th, 2015|

Another track day in So-Cal with Global Time Attack and Speed District. Willow Springs continues to be an ongoing hot spot for grassroots Time Attack. It seems at every event we attend, we notice new cars, new people and new relationships built. With a few more track days left before the Big Super Lap Battle in November, the questions on everyone’s minds are who will be there, who will run, and who will conquer and set new records. The usual suspects at Round 3 just to name a few like Roy Narvaez, Rif Dagher, Sally McNulty, Andrew Nier, and Karla Pestotnik slapped on some tires and hit the track. […]

RCO #002 – “Sheri” Written and Driven by Devin Giles

By |June 17th, 2015|

I’ll share a brief history on myself. I’ve constantly liked the beat up track abused look with aggressive aero. I was never one to drool over super clean builds, but that stock power planted civic with worn R888’s was always just enough to look over. Then my S2000 comes in which was supposed to be my street/auto cross car. Full interior and livable, well that last all of a month and then things like AC started coming out magically. […]

A day late but could’ve been worse – Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2015

By |May 28th, 2015|

The feeling of knowing you’ll be late to an event kinda sucks, but knowing it is one of your favorite events of the year could’ve been a catastrophe. Luckily, as fate interferes with reality, I somehow managed to get to Day 2 of Round 1 in the Global Time Attack Pro Championship x Road Atlanta. What I had planned for this event and Formula D was totally different from what I ended up with, knowing that more teams and cars were going to make it at this event I was overly excited to see it all. I wanted to capture new cars, teams, and the shenanigans. I mean really wanted to live this one up, I even had plans to visit this dope BBQ spot my friend Kyle Lewis aka Brophoto introduced me to last year. But as all good things thought of or planned, sometimes it turns out a whole other way. […]