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After much success with the first one, we couldn't help bring out another set, but with a different color way. Although still a limited run, we are happy to announce that the limited amount has been raised due to the high demand. So if you're still loving your original Black and White version 1 Shirt, and want some color, or missed out on the first one. The version 2 will satisfy your love for the statement, and this time it has some reddish and grayish colors to go with your favorite kicks or anything you wear. Made with the same high quality threads and ink as the first one, so be prepared to use it both on and off the track. - Rommel Estrada Available in a Limited Quantity with a free sticker, and Free Shipping.  *CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW *  

V8 Builds – Streets of Willow 2016

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The stroked, poked, cammed, pushrod and just V8 gathered at the first V8 Builds event for some fun on the track, and to show a little of what they got in the paddock. Presented by Air Flow Research, the well known Head company had some interesting machinery on deck, while showcasing a few products and supporting the love of all things V8. While I heard about the event several weeks prior, I had other arrangements to attend and shoot another event. But the other guy in me wanted to see some torquey machines do some laps at one of my favorite tracks, Streets of Willow to be exact. […]

Safety is everything – Shift-S3ctor 2016

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When speed is involved with fast cars, the unexpected comes at the worst of times, and in an industry where some people take things for granted. It’s a great thing to know that there are people that care and want to ensure safety by all means. The guys at Shift-S3ctor have been successfully doing these speed events aka roll racing for some time, and this being there 16th official Airstrip Attack goes to show that they do it right. […]


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Actively inspired but simply created. If you read up on our recent feature with Mike Hatten's Acura Integra, you may have noticed our new shirt on him. Nothing short of quality, but comfortably threaded for any occasion.  We want to kick-off the year with one shirt that makes it clearly stated. - Rommel Estrada Available in a Limited Quantity with a free sticker, and Free Shipping.  *CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW *    

RCO #003 – “Just Track It” Mike Hatten’s fast moving Integra

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In a world where Horsepower seems to be more attractive in Race Cars than actually driving the car, everyone seems to misunderstand the term. Where the track proves not only the car you drive, but the skill set you you have. Global Time Attack has been an exciting event for us since day one, giving Time Attack Cars a home and a place for drivers to go all out, safely. But this year in a field of nicely built machines, there was one simple car that caught my eye. Black in color and nicely built without nothing to crazy, or slapped on just for the day. […]